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Meet the Team!

Hi there, thanks for visiting our meet the sitters page! My name is Britton Danton, I am the owner and operator of Walk! ATX Pet Care. On this page, you’ll get to know Austin’s most elite team of pet care professionals. Our staff will go to any length to ensure your dog’s mental and physical well-being. After all – a tired dog is a happy dog!

Britton Danton – Owner & Operator

brittI like to say that this business chose me. All my life I have felt such a natural connection with animals, and I’ve grown up walking, bathing, and housesitting for them. I feel complete when my dog pack is around – when they’re happy, I’m happy! Throughout the years, I have studied and explored canine behavior in depth in order to try and understand their thought process. My goal is to see things from their perspective in order to provide them with the most fulfilling life possible. Walk! ATX was established in the spring of 2008, 8 years ago, when I started walking multiple dogs each day in my neighborhood while working full time at a local groom shop. Everyone always had great things to say about the fun, nurturing companionship I had to offer their pets – as well as the professional and interactive experience I offered to them as an owner. Pet care has always been a full-time job for me, and today my work even follows me home, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I have three dogs of my own: Rusko, Stella, and Harlee. Rusko is a 6-year-old Aussie who has been with me since puppyhood. We have grown together so much, and I wouldn’t be the person I am today without the countless lessons he has taught me as a dog owner and just as a human. Stella is our little golden child. She is daddy’s girl and my little helper on the job. Harlee is our newest addition to the family. She’s a one year old Great Dane who thinks she is a chihuahua! Her favorite activities include napping with the cats (and snoring), and romping at the park with her brother and sister. We take our career seriously, but we like to have fun in the process! The company consists of me and 12 of the very best pet care professionals I’ve ever met. I trust our team implicitly to treat all animals with love and respect, and to uphold the highest standards of professionalism in pet care. It is my pleasure to introduce to you our all-star team of sitters.

Julia Henderson

JuliaI graduated from St. Edwards University in 2014, with a degree in Communication. Austin has been my home for 6 years now and I absolutely love it here. My hobbies include any and all outdoor activities, making various types of artwork with my friends, and caring for animals. I have two kittens (Pizza and Miess), a fish, and three dogs (Stella, Rusko, and Harlee). I grew up with a big family and lots of animals so I know that they can be a lot of fun but also require a good amount of work. Walk! ATX is a great fit for me because I enjoy working with animals and also building relationships with our clients. Walk! ATX is an amazing company with an excellent heart. Britton, my other co-workers, and I truly love what we do. I am so grateful for the wonderful pets, clients, and Walk! ATX family that I get to work with.

Hannah Lee Mencher

Hannah-LeeI graduated from College of the Atlantic with a B.A. in Human Ecology; focus is Music and Early Childhood Education. I am from Austin originally, but I spent most of my life growing up on Peaks Island, Maine. My hobbies include writing songs with guitar and harmonica, practicing yoga, and snowboarding. I have always had beloved pets in my home including a German Shepherd (Marty), a Husky (Kashmir), 2 cats (Davey and Moxie), canary birds Phillipo, Julia, and Harry Potter), 2 labs (Natasha and Sadi), a lizard (Greeny), and a beta fish (Takahasha). Dogs have always been my favorite animal. Running, playing, swimming, and walking – it is always better with a dog. I have graduated from puppy and dog training obedience classes, and I am so grateful to have a full-time job where I get to be with animals all day! Any questions or concerns you may have about your pet, please feel free to ask me, or Britton, or anyone else on the Walk ATX team, and I know we will be happy to help you find the answer! This is my favorite job I have ever had and I am looking forward to spending time with your 4 legged friends!

Caitlin Smith

CaitlinGrowing up in Tomball, TX, back when it was a small town, I was always surrounded by different animals– we had a goat named Bill, ducks, hens, geese, hamsters,  parrots and plenty of dogs and cats. I’ve always felt I had a connection to animals and am so thrilled to be able to work with them on a daily basis. In addition to caring for animals, I work as a deep tissue massage therapist here in Austin, TX, and have been practicing since 2010. In my spare time, I enjoy spending the day at the Greenbelt, cooking just about anything, and hanging out at home with my boyfriend, pug, and cat.

Kathleen Cole

KathleenGrowing up in the Piney Woods of East Texas, my family and I have had all sorts of animals. So when I moved to Austin, I felt blessed to come across Walk! ATX. Along with taking care of furry friends, I work as a massage therapist and yoga instructor. My hobbies include playing outside, biking around the city, poloroid pictures, aquariums, root beer floats, and hanging out with your pets! It’s so wonderful to have a job I truly love, working and connection with pets and clients, as well as working with Britton and the Walk! ATX staff. Genuine, great people, and so happy to be a part of the team.

Jeff Azar

jeffWhile being raised in El Paso Texas, I was surrounded by a wide variety of animals, dogs being my absolute favorite. I used to get into trouble for always sneaking outside to try and live with the dogs. Dogs remind us of how simple life can be. I went to Texas A&M at College Station for two years, and ended up graduating from UT Austin with a philosophy degree. I’m an INFP so spending time with dogs is great for me. I spend my time writing and performing music, tending to the business side of music, reading, watching film, spending time with my girlfriend, and running. And of course, spending time with your pups 🙂

Ashlen B.

AshlenIf I ever go to a party, I’ll be by the dog (or cat). I’m Ashlen and Austin is a new city to me. Philadelphia is my home city & where my work with dogs began. I’ve worked in daycare & boarding facilities, a shelter and now I’ve been welcomed to the pack here at Walk! ATX. My whole life I have been surrounded by animals, mostly dogs. I’m their best friend, and honestly, they’re mine! Your fuzzy family members will be well cared for & with as many updates as you need! Surrounded by pets as much as possible, I enjoy hiking, coffee, live music of the rock persuasion, art(in many wonderful forms & mediums) and Star Wars.

Jessica Bishop

brittI’ve lived in Austin for 7 years now and truly LOVE it! With all the outdoor activities, pet friendly accommodations and fitness minded people i feel at home. I love the outdoors and i have two awesome pups of my own (Odion 12yrs, and Indie 6 yrs) so we go hiking quite a bit. My days are filled with teaching fitness classes, hiking/spending time with my pups, and gardening. WalkATX is perfect for me because it combines all the things i love and gives me a chance to help others.

Anne Marie Steinbach

brittMother of Canines. Knight of the Fang. Saver of Puppies. Hi! All playing around aside… My name is Anne Marie and I love dogs. I really love my job and every  dog I care for. Prior to this I have been a care giver for elderly, children, and the blind. Service and care is where I’ve always been drawn to. I look forward to meeting your fur babies and taking them on a quest for a healthy and happy life.

Charlotte B.

CharlotteI moved to Austin, TX from Northern Virginia in January 2016. Growing up, we always had dogs. My parents had to buy me a double bed in kindergarten because there wasn’t enough room for me and both our big dogs on that tiny twin. Moving down here was a challenging shift because I don’t have any fuzzy friends around me, so walking dogs helps me fill that hole! I also work at a vegan restaurant in Tarrytown, the Beer Plant. Most of my working life has been spent working with children in varying capacities, from teaching gymnastics to working with special needs. Some of my hobbies are running, biking, hiking, and snowboarding when the weather is right. I’m so excited to get to know you and your pups! 🙂

Edward Burchfield

eddieI’ve been working for Walk! ATX Pet Care for the past 3 years. It’s a job that I truly enjoy going to every day. Before Walk! ATX I had been a manager of a restaurant, bartender, waiter, lifeguard and ran a food trailer with a friend. Out of all those occupations, I find true joy in walking dogs. I’m currently taking business classes to try and help out the business where I can with hands on schooling knowledge. I attended A&M and am now at ACC working on a business degree. I fly fish, fish, wakeboard, kayak, snowboard, and work out as my major hobbies but I love any outdoor activity. My Fiancé and I have a goal to see every National Park in the United States. I also spend 2 months out of the year in Alaska as a commercial fisherman in Bristol Bay. Hope you have enjoyed the little bit of background info and random facts about me.

Andrea L.

AndreaI have lived in Austin for many years and consider myself an Austin transplant. I moved to Philadelphia to complete my degree but Austin kept calling my name and I came back as soon as I could. My hobbies include road and mountain biking at the many Austin bike parks as well as hiking the local trails with my Dalmatian puppy. I also enjoy the vibrant music and art scene here in Austin. Why I wanted to be a dog walker: My puppy is my life. When I’m away from her I worry about her being bored, lonely, sad, and feeling unloved. I want to relieve that worry for other dog owners. The owners will be confident that their furry loved ones are being taken care of by someone who cares deeply about their pets.

Jordan Hicks

brittI was born in Santa Cruz, California but I consider Austin, as my home town. Growing up, we always had all sorts of pets in our house from dogs to chickens. I have been living with animals for my entire life! When I found Walk! ATX I was very excited to be able to work with and care for animals. I spend my free time outside fly fishing, kayaking, and hiking. Currently, I have a chocolate lab that loves to accompany me on anything I do! I take her with me anytime I can. I just recently graduated from Westlake High School in Austin and plan on studying Environmental Science at The University of Texas at Austin.

Kelsie Garretson

KelsieBorn and raised in Round Rock, TX, I can’t remember a time in my life when I didn’t own a pet. Growing up on 5 acres, we had plenty of space for animals. I grew up around dogs, cats, and horses and had a desire to work with animals from before I was in elementary school. Other than pet sitting, in the past I have volunteered at animal shelters and worked at a veterinarian clinic. I also obtained my Veterinarian Technician Certification in 2011. I have a Business Degree from Baylor University but am currently studying for my Personal Training Certification. In my free time, I enjoy running, traveling, cooking, and hanging out with my 8 year old Great Dane, Cobalt. Being a pet owner is an absolutely amazing experience and I recommend it to many people. I’m very excited to be a part of the Walk! ATX team and really get to know you and your adorable pets.