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Day Camp

Our Day Camp is a fully controlled play space that teaches valuable socialization skills. Just like us, dogs are social animals. They thrive in a social setting with a purpose for the day. This is where our pack philosophy gets put to use.

Our day camp crew is experienced and trained to listen and watch our pack for body language and ques. This supervision with an added forward momentum (giving the pack a purpose to accomplish together, a “job”) does wonders for a dog’s mental wellbeing. We want to see our dogs succeed, and we will take gradual steps to work them into our groups to ensure they’re comfortable and having fun!

At Headquarters we supervise play and socialization, your dogs are not locked in kennels all day. We are here to provide comfort and affection when you have other obligations.

Our Day Camp option is the best bang for your buck. We pick up your pup from your house, taxi them to headquarters where they play in the yard till our long group hike. Once the hike is complete, we head back, get hydrated, take a bath if that is requested, and the day is complete with a taxi ride home.

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