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Other Services

Pet taxi – To the vet, to camp, to home, to the movies! Wherever your pup needs to go – we are on it!

$18 one way

$30 two way (+$15 for every half hour we spend with them outside of the car)

Limited availability / Small batch boarding in a home setting – As the owner of Walk ATX, this has become one of my favorite services. We offer a unique take on boarding, and this is where the pack really comes together.

We’ve established a facility with a real-home feel that is built for the dog pack and staffed with highly trained personnel to facilitate the fun. We take the dogs on field trips to the greenbelt and Zilker Park. We go on a long pack walk, bike ride, or a skateboard trip every day to make sure their physical outlet needs are satisfied. We train and work with them to make sure their mental outlet needs are satisfied. Then, we hang out and play, cuddle, and make friends. It’s the most involved pet sitting option we offer. $55/day

Pet nutrition advice – I’ve spent years working in pet stores and researching pet nutrition. Keeping up with the ever-changing world of pet foods so that I can have the latest knowledge to pass along to our clients. Let’s figure out the best nutrition plan for your dog!

Emergency response – My team and I are certified in pet first aid/CPR and emergency response. Even if the dog is not in our care at the time – our clients can reach out to get help before taking a potentially expensive vet trip. We can either triage over the phone or make a house call!

After hours client support – Got called into work tomorrow? Need a dog walker, but it’s too late to book? Just text the office line, and we will get you taken care of! We are available 24/7 for questions and support for you and your pets!

Training/owner consultations – Training is taken on a case-by-case basis. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to any given behavior. We do offer basic obedience training in our day camp service, so we always recommend getting your dog on a recurring schedule with us. This will expose them to other dogs and teach them how to socialize in a professionally-supervised setting. Socialization is one of the essential parts of puppyhood, and it makes basic obedience training a breeze! For other behaviors like leash reactivity, we can develop an action plan with you, the owner, after an evaluation. Training sessions are anywhere from $45-65 depending on length and other variables. Schedule your consultation today!

Care for chickens, exotic pets, small animals, and reptiles – We don’t discriminate! Walk! Atx is not just a dog care company. We have experience caring for all sorts of animals! Don’t pass us up when looking for a sitter for your critters!

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