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Rachel Holderbach

Growing up in Florida, one of my first memories is carrying around a stuffed toy husky 24/7 in hopes that one day I’d have a real pup. By age six, my dreams came to life in the form of an incredible Yorkiepoo named Ren that I cared for for sixteen years. Leaving him to move to New York was heartbreaking, so when I wasn’t going to school for acting I was walking dogs and pet sitting to soothe my animal soul. Dog walking is the greatest job I could ask for. The unabashed joy I see on a pup’s face after a hearty walk absolutely melts me, and all that time walking allows me to soak up the sun and explore the city! Triple win! When I’m not fawning over dogs I’m trying to put that degree to good use through theatre, writing, making music with my roommate, and trying to muster up the courage to join the roller derby scene! I’m so excited to be a part of the Walk! ATX team. Britton and the others tend tirelessly to the safety, health and happiness of every pup in their care, and it shows. Can’t wait to meet your pups so I can make their day and they can make mine!

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