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Amela P.

My name is Amela! I was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. Dog trainer and walker for Walk! ATX. I love being active and enjoy spending time swimming, hiking, and traveling with my two very high energy Spanish Water Dogs Dozer and Fina. As well as cuddling on the couch with my two very fluffy Persian kitties Miku and Kumo while my slithery family members Onyx, my Mexican Black Ming Snake, hangs out around my hand. Growing up my parents would take my brother and I back to our village in Bosnia and Herzegovina to visit family, help our neighbors out on the farms, and my favorite part, play/ work with the animals! As far back as I can remember, I’ve always had some type of animal in my hands being mauled by cuddles and kisses. Whether it a large bull that wants nothing to do with me or my hugs, or a tiny chick that’s just hatched from its egg. Growing up working with large and small animals, there’s really nothing I’m afraid of. I’m always excited for new challenges and opportunities when it comes to training dogs or working with any type of animal. I believe when it comes to training a dog, it’s not a “one way” road. Everyone’s dog is different and learns at a different pace, so being flexible with my techniques is key! One of my favorite things about Walk! ATX is the way everyone treats the pets like their own while also being knowledgeable about dog behavior and going above and beyond to replicate an “at home” environment for the pups at our facility!

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