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Babs L.

Born and Raised Austinite, Babs, here! I joined the Walk! ATX team back in 2019 as their first assistant manager. With Walk ATX growing quickly and my position being new, I wore all of the hats! From camp counselor, camp driver, overnight staff, dog walker, pet sitter, training add ons, and baths… I’ve done it all! So, when our beloved General Manager, Erika, moved out of state, it made sense that I would slip into her shoes. My dream now is to continue to cultivate a work place environment that is open, accepting to all people, and supportive in their pet care and personal career goals. Happy dogs, happy people! I love getting to see our daycare pups mature and become excellent members of society the same way that I love to see our staff shine. I believe, with enough support, all pups and people can be the best versions of themselves and I’m excited to see all the ways Walk! ATX and the community will grow together 🙂

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