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leslieI have known Britt for a number of years now. We met serendipitously one afternoon when I was having a garage sale. He was walking a big dog in the neighborhood, and stopped in. It was one of those lucky moments in life that one always remembers.

As it happened, I had recently gotten a new French bulldog puppy, and needed someone to walk her. Britt gave me his card, and the rest is history. We not only became friends, but I have never found anyone to adequately replace him since he moved to Austin.

During the time he was here in Dallas, he walked Gigi, then Gigi and Beauregard. He also house sat for me when I went out of town. He bathed and groomed both of the dogs when needed.

Always, always going above and beyond for me. I trust him implicitly. He was willing to help me at any time I needed him…He made my life so much more pleasant and easy, seemingly without effort. He also took care of my daughter’s dogs, (Aussies) in the same way, and several friends of mine. I was universally thanked.

It’s good to be a hero…. Britt has been, and remains one of mine.

Leslie Taylor