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Austin Doggie Day Camp


Our Dog Day Camp is a fully controlled routine that teaches valuable socialization skills. Just like us, dogs are social animals. They thrive in a social setting with a purpose for the day. This is where our pack philosophy gets put to use. Our goal is to give each one of our campers a sense of purpose for the day. Having a job and working as a pack does amazing things for a dog’s mental health!

Our dog day camp counselors are experienced and highly trained. We listen and watch our pack for body language and intervene with positive redirection and training where necessary. We want to see our dogs succeed, and we will take gradual steps to work them into our groups to ensure they are comfortable, having fun, and feeling fulfilled!

The Routine

We pick up between 9:00 and 11:00am and bring them to our HQ. We socialize in our large yards for an hour or two. The pups get to run, play, swim, and get some energy out. Then we head out on our long group walk. We are out for about an hour, weather permitting – exploring, training, and working as a team. It’s an opportunity for them to get the physical outlet they need, and a chance for us to work with them in real world settings on the leash. After the walk, we do some additional training and then wind down in the yard with some more playtime, stock tank pool swimming, and sunbathing until around 3:00 when we leave for drop offs. Drop off between 3:00 and 5:00pm. We update you by text throughout the day with pictures and videos from the fun!


  • Daycamp (with bus rides to and from) – $45 (+$23 per additional dog)
  • Daycare (Client drop off and pick up) – $30 + ($10 per additional dog)

Our daycare hours are 8-6 (with the option to drop off/pick up “after hours” for a $5 surcharge – those extended hours are 7-7).

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