Dog Day Care Services in Austin

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Walk! ATX provides day care services to give your best friend the exercise and social time that they need. Here at Walk! ATX, we are a fun-loving pack that loves to welcome new members.


Here’s a rundown of what your pup will experience at doggy day care.

Bring your pup over for fun and stimulating exercise. Come in the morning so they can sniff around and “chat” with their friends. They get to play for a couple of hours in the yard and the pool, working off all that energy. After the pups have had a chance to mingle and play, we take them on a group outing, and they can do something they will really enjoy—explore nature and the world outside. They get the benefit of our counselors’ experience and training—learning leash etiquette and how to behave with others—along with the stimulation and excitement of new sights and smells. When we get back from our walk, we’ll train with them some more and let them relax and hang out, cooling off after a long day. You can pick them up at the most convenient time, up until 7:00pm.

We are also able to bus your pooches to day care for you if you don’t have time to drop them off yourself. We call this Doggy Day Camp. Day Camp is identical to daycare, except instead of bringing your pup to us, we’ll pick them up between 9:00 and 11:00am and bring them to our HQ. We socialize in our large yards for an hour or two. The pups get to run, play, swim, and get some energy out. Then we head out on our long group walk. We are out for about an hour, weather permitting – exploring, training, and working as a team. It’s an opportunity for them to get the physical outlet they need and a chance for us to work with them in real-world settings on the leash. After the walk, we do some additional training and then wind down in the yard with some more playtime, stock tank pool swimming, and sunbathing until around 3:00pm when we leave for drop-offs. Drop off between 3:00 and 5:00pm. We update you by text throughout the day with pictures and videos from the fun!

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    • Daycare (Client drop off and pick up) – $38 (+$17 per additional dog)
    • Daycamp (with bus rides to and from) – $58 (+$30 per additional dog)

    Our daycare hours are 8-6 (with the option to drop off/pick up “after hours” for a $7 surcharge – those extended hours are 7-7).

    *We are open from 7:00am until 7:00pm for client drop off and pick up (However, we do require notice if you plan to drop off before 8:00am).*

    We love active dogs!

    We know how important it is for dogs to use up their seemingly endless energy running and playing around with other animals: something they just can’t do in an apartment or a house. They need to have fun in a safe environment and make other furry friends. Is your pup always jumping up and down to get outdoors? We specialize in active dogs that love to run around and play!At dog day camp, we pick up your pooch from your home in the morning and drive them to our location. They get to play and make friends all day, supervised the whole time by our caring and experienced staff. We drop them off at your house in the late afternoon, happy and ready to be home after a full day of fun.

    With our day care option, your pup gets the same socialization and exercise, but you bring them to us in the morning and pick them up at the end of the day. You can drop them off as early as 7:00am and pick them up as late as 7:00pm. (A $7 surcharge applies to drop-offs before 8am and pick-ups after 6:00pm).
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    HQ is open *by appointment only* 8am-6pm Monday-Sunday. Our after hours drop off and pick up windows are 7am-8am and 6pm-7pm with a $7 surcharge.

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    Before we bring in a new friend, we’ll need to make sure they do well with the routine, and get along with the pack. Each new dog will meet the other pups at a Trial Day to ensure that everyone is compatible. If the Trial Day goes well, they will be welcome to join us any time! Every dog needs and deserves great socialization and exercise in a friendly, safe environment. Our professional counselors love to spend time with our furry friends, and they have years of experience with dogs of all types. Call us at (512) 655-9557 today to set up a meet-and-greet!