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Austin Pet Care Services FAQ

The short answer is Yes. We strive to keep things as consistent as possible for you and your pets. We understand the importance of developing a routine and maintaining a personalized relationship with our clients and their pets. At our initial meet & greet a manager will be accompanied by your ‘primary sitter’. Your primary walker will be in touch with you personally each visit via text. In the event they are sick or out of town we will notify you prior to your visit who will be substituting, and forward you a link to their sitter profile. Service will continue uninterrupted!

At our initial consult we will request two copies of the house key, and one key fob if necessary to access your residence. One copy of the house key stays on file at our HQ, and the other is checked out (along with the fob, if applicable) to your primary sitter. If you will require after hours service and your building has a fob or electronic key we may require you to purchase a lockbox so your secondary sitter will have access to the residence in case of emergency.

We are not able to take any HUMAN aggressive dogs, but we can do solo walks with pups who don’t do well with other dogs.

When you become part of our pack you have access to 24/7 support. Day or night – if there is an emergency you will be able to text or call and we’ll be there to help you through whatever the issue may be. Once you’re in, you’re part of our pack!

A full service pet care company – we are a one stop shop for all things pet care. We do bathing, walks, pet sitting, boarding, daycamp, training, nutrition advice, hikes, care for elderly dogs, and take care of cats, chickens, small animals, reptiles, you name it!

A passionate and experienced staff – Everyone is a W2 employee of Walk ATX, we don’t have any independent contractors because we want to protect you and our employees. We are fully insured and bonded, and all our staff members are background checked and cleared.

Offering boarding in a home setting in addition to a variety of in-home pet sitting packages, we have a solution to fit every household!

My promise to you – speaking from the heart here – I (Britton Danton – Owner/operator) have been caring for animals my whole life. I started this business as a young kid (18 years old), and it’s grown with me. I would do anything to make sure all my clients and their animals are happy and safe before I sleep at night. It’s an absolute dream to be able to do what I do every day and I am extremely grateful for the gift!

We set a 2 hour preferred time window in your client notes. For young puppies and clients who choose to schedule two daytime visits, we accommodate a 1-hour range.

Socialization Every dog is different, and for some dogs, it ends up being more appropriate for them to walk solo with us. In general, though, dogs are social animals, and the pack mentality comes naturally when appropriately introduced properly.

our walkers are highly-experienced and trained to listen and watch our pack for body language and cues. This supervision, with an added forward momentum (giving them a purpose to accomplish together, a “job”) does wonders for a dog’s mental wellbeing. We want to see our dogs succeed, and take gradual steps to work them into our groups to ensure they’re comfortable and having fun! If you’d like to get more info to see if pack walks are a good option for your pup, please give us a call!

We have experience with a wide range of medical conditions and disabilities in animals. We can administer insulin, help elderly dogs outside to use the restroom, adhere to medication schedules, administer first aid, and much more. If your animal has any special needs, mention them to us during our consultation so that we can keep consistent with your routine.

If there is an emergency at your residence we will contact you immediately to see how you would like us to handle it. If we can’t get ahold of you we will call your secondary and emergency contacts. If an emergency should arise with your animal one of our team leads (who are first aid and animal CPR certified) will be called and the nearest one will come to triage the situation. In the event the pet needs more help than we can give them we will rush them to the nearest vet office and call you on the way to explain the situation. Luckily, we have not had many emergencies because of our careful safety protocol and knowledgeable staff. However, we pride ourselves in responding effectively and calmly.