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Owning a dog is a joy, but training one can sometimes be a challenge. Walk! ATX Pet Care can help. Walk! ATX offers different obedience training options to fit the needs of your furry friend best. The typical obedience program lasts about a month, and we recommend 2-3 weekly training visits. Our facility is located in Austin. Walk! ATX also offers a personalized dog board and train service for a more thorough training experience. Call us at (512) 655-9557 for more information.

Table Of Contents

    Basic Obedience Training

    Setting a good foundation for a well-behaved pet begins with helping them master essential commands. Walk! ATX Pet Care has carefully curated a basic obedience program that goes beyond generic training. This obedience program offers structured lessons that tackle the five following commands:

    • Sit: Often perceived as the most basic command, “Sit” is essential. Not only does it create a starting point for further training, but it’s also useful for various situations, from greeting guests without jumping to waiting patiently before a meal. The trainers at Walk! ATX can ensure your dog doesn’t merely follow the command momentarily but genuinely understands the significance of remaining seated until further direction.
    • Stay: “Stay” is more than just preventing unexpected dashes or runs. It’s about instilling patience and discipline in your canine companion. Whether it’s to avoid potential dangers, like an approaching vehicle, or simply to ensure they remain put during family gatherings, this command is vital. Our trainers focus on duration, distance, and distractions, ensuring that your dog stays put regardless of the temptations around them.
    • Down: More than a command, “Down” is an attitude. It signifies submission and calm. When a dog follows the Down command, it isn’t just lying on the ground. It shows a sense of trust and respect toward its handler. At Walk! ATX, we instill this behavior thoroughly, ensuring it’s not just a fleeting gesture but a sustained submissive posture.
    • Heel (leash etiquette): A leisurely walk can quickly turn into a tiresome tug-of-war with an over-enthusiastic dog. The “Heel” command is all about encouraging harmony during walks. By teaching dogs to walk calmly beside their owners without pulling or lagging, our Walk! ATX trainers can turn strolls into enjoyable bonding sessions.
    • Come (off-leash etiquette): True freedom for a dog is roaming without a leash. But with freedom comes responsibility. The “Come” command is vital in open areas, ensuring that despite distractions – whether it’s another animal, a person, or an interesting scent – your dog promptly returns to you when called.

    Our basic obedience sessions offer the ideal starting point at $75/session.

    Long-Term/Behavioral Modification Training

    AUSTIN DOG TRAININGWalk! ATX Pet Care’s long-term and behavioral modification sessions are crafted to help reshape and correct deep-rooted behaviors that might require special attention.

    Your dog might need this training if they display the following:

    • Aggressive Behavior: One of the most pressing concerns for many dog owners is unexpected or uncontrollable aggression. Whether it’s directed toward other animals, strangers, or even family members, such behavior can stem from past traumas, territorial tendencies, or fear. The behavioral modification sessions at Walk! ATX dives deep to identify the root of this aggression and provides strategies to manage and eventually reduce it.
    • Separation Anxiety: Coming home to a destroyed couch or incessant barking when you step out? These are signs of separation anxiety. Some dogs struggle with being left alone and engage in disruptive and destructive behavior to cope. Our program addresses this anxiety head-on, equipping dogs (and their owners) with tools to remain calm during separations.
    • Phobias and Fears: Thunderstorms, fireworks, or even the sound of a vacuum can send some dogs into a frenzy. These intense reactions are often more than just mere dislikes – they’re deep-seated fears. Our facility’s trainers can work to desensitize dogs to these triggers, building their confidence and ensuring a calmer response over time.
    • Compulsive Behaviors: Have you ever noticed your dog chasing its tail incessantly or obsessively licking a spot? These repetitive actions might be indicative of compulsive behaviors, which can be both puzzling and concerning. Walk! ATX’s behavioral modification sessions provide solutions to break the cycle and redirect your dog’s energy in a healthy way.
    • Hyperactivity: While it’s natural for dogs, especially puppies, to be energetic, hyperactivity can be exhausting for owners. Some dogs find it hard to relax, are always on the move, and can be dangerously impulsive. Through a combination of structured activities and training techniques, Walk! ATX can help your dog channel this energy safely.

    We offer customized behavioral modification training sessions at $95/session.

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