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Between going on walks, playing outside, and exploring their environment, your dog is exposed to many forms of dirt and bacteria on a daily basis. While such exposure is to be expected, an unhealthy buildup of dirt in your pet’s ears can cause infection, balance issues, and other health concerns.

At Walk! ATX, we’re committed to taking good care of your dog. Our full bath and groom includes a wide variety of services, including ear inspection and cleaning. Our ear cleaning services are specifically targeted to protect the health and well-being of your pets as they continue to play and explore the outdoors. We offer cleanings to all dogs and are excited to take care of your pet and make their cleaning as fun and safe as possible.

We can schedule an ear cleaning for your dog at our headquarters or we may be able to do an in-home cleaning, depending on whether your home meets our safety qualifications. If you have questions or wish to set up an appointment, call the Austin dog bathing and grooming experts of  Walk! ATX today at (512) 655-9557.

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    Why Choose Walk! ATX?

    Since 2008, we’ve been working hard to make sure the dogs of the Austin area are healthy and clean. The Walk! ATX family has expanded over the last fourteen years so that our team of dog care professionals is well-prepared to care for your pets. Organizations like Four Legged First Aid and Pet Sitters International have recognized Walk! ATX for our excellent pet care and dedication to each customer. Because we are pet service professionals, our team is committed to making your pet feel safe, clean, and loved while they’re in our care.

    Benefits of Regular Ear Cleaning for Dogs

    Checking your dog’s ear canals regularly is a good practice to make sure they are clear and free of excess dirt and wax. At Walk! ATX, however, we realize that it’s not easy for everyone to do this themselves. That’s why we offer ear inspections and cleaning services.

    Our services are set up to make your pet comfortable, clear the ear canal, and properly clean the interior and exterior of the ear. In some cases, dogs can get rocks, dirt, leaves, and weeds wedged in their ears, which can cause infection and even life-threatening conditions. Having a professional regularly check and clean your dog’s ears can prevent the risk of serious injury or illness.

    How We Clean Your Dog’s Ears

    There are several steps we take to make sure your dog feels safe and secure as we perform our ear cleaning services.

    • We begin by performing an ear inspection. This is a measure we have in place to make sure the folds of the ear are clear before we begin our cleaning procedure. Generally, this is to remove any larger obstructions from the interior of the ear, such as grass, rocks, and sticks that may be lodged in the ear canal or within the folds of the ear.
    • After removing any larger obstructions, we make sure the ears are in an open and accessible position and we carefully apply a cleansing powder to each ear. This is a topical treatment that gently cleanses the folds of the ear without causing irritation.
    • Next, we use sterile cotton swabs to apply an ear cleaning solution to your dog’s ears. We avoid using more invasive applicators such as Q-tips in an effort to keep your pet as calm and secure as possible. This step allows us to clear away any dirt or excess wax that may have collected in the ear canal.
    • Finally, we gently dry your pet’s ears so that they don’t experience any discomfort.

    These steps have been carefully implemented so that we can ensure your pet has an enjoyable experience while having their ears cleaned. We do our best to include our pet owners throughout the process so that they can rest assured that their dogs are being well cared for.

    Ear Cleaning FAQs

    If you’re considering a bath and groom with Walk! ATX and have questions about our ear cleaning service, we’ve included a few of our most commonly asked questions here for your reference.

    How much does a full bath and groom cost?

    Generally, our bath and groom services run anywhere between $25 and $50, depending on your dog’s size and coat. To get a better estimate, call Walk! ATX today at (512) 655-9557.

    Do you offer ear cleaning for all dogs?

    Our bath and groom services are available to all dogs. When it comes specifically to ear cleaning, we’re able to inspect and clean any dog’s ears. Whether your dog’s ears stand up, lie down, or hang low, we’re ready to properly clean and care for them.

    My dog can be restless and/or anxious. What can Walk! ATX do to help?

    Having a full bath and groom can be stressful, both for a dog and its owner. Oftentimes, animals experience restlessness and anxiety when separated from their owners. At Walk! ATX, we work hard to make you and your dog feel as comfortable as possible. Our team of professional groomers has many years of experience with dog cleaning and is committed to providing both you and your pet with an enjoyable and stress-free grooming experience.

    I don’t regularly check my dog’s ear canals. Is this part of the ear cleaning service?

    Even if you aren’t able to regularly check your dog’s ear canals for obstructions, this is a part of the ear cleaning services we offer. In fact, our professionals will show you how to properly do inspections on your own so that you can feel equipped to regularly perform this part of your pet’s care routine.

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    Call Walk! ATX Today

    If you’re ready to take dog care to the next level, contact Walk! ATX today. We’ll answer any of your questions and schedule an initial appointment with you so that you can get your dog feeling clean and cared for in no time. We’re eager to meet you and your pet and to welcome you into the Walk! ATX family. Give us a call today at (512) 655-9557.