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DOG BOARD AND TRAIN IN AUSTIN, TXGetting a dog is a lifelong responsibility and commitment, and Walk! ATX is here to help make your lives together as full and healthy as possible! By utilizing balanced training methods, we will teach you how to communicate, encourage, and discourage behaviors properly while growing and establishing a bond and relationship with your dog.

By choosing private lessons, in-camp training, or a board-and-train option, you are jumpstarting a better life and gaining skills for both you and your dog. Even after training is over, you will leave confident and fulfilled with foundations and knowledge to keep growing as a team and learning every day! Training is never a chore, but it is a task that will aid in perfecting the little things in our dogs and our own lives.

We are happy to answer any questions you have about our board and train services. Call us today at (512) 655-9557 to get scheduled for your initial consultation!

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    Boarding and Training Consultations

    Taking the first step and getting the ball rolling on training your dog can be hard and intimidating. However, if you are unsure of what path to take or have more in-depth questions regarding your dog’s training, we offer FREE 30-minute phone consultations with our trainers. That ensures you receive proper guidance and that the appropriate training path is taken. It also allows you to get to know our trainers and answer any questions regarding pricing and scheduling.

    Private Lessons and Training

    Private lessons are a great option for those parents who want to be highly involved with their dogs training every step of the way. For all ages and all behavioral difficulties, private training allows the parent to be fully hands-on and take the lead, with the help of our trainers walking you through the steps.


    1-hour Basic obedience: $80

    1-hour Behavioral Modification: $100

    Doggy Daycare In Camp Training Add-ons

    Multitasking is the best way to get things done! While your dog is enjoying their time at doggy day camp, our trainers will pull them aside and work on their basic commands and behaviors while at camp. When working in a structured environment and adding in training, your dog will learn to understand your expectations and boundaries everywhere you take them, no matter the amount of distractions or disturbances.


    30 minutes basic obedience: $23

    Dog Board and Train in Austin

    DOG BOARD AND TRAIN IN AUSTIN, TXThe board and train option is great for dogs of all ages and behavioral levels. Dog boarding and training allow the trainers to get their hands dirty, train, and solve the problems at the root of the behaviors. Doing all of the hard work for you to teach the dog and having private lessons at the end so you are able to learn to continue the success of your dog. Dog Board and Train is the most popular and successful type of training due to the immersive style, behavioral resets, and continuous training as the behaviors persist. Puppy Boarding and Training is a great way to get good habits built into your new dog early in their life. Call our expert boarding and training team at (512) 655-9557 today for more information!

    Pricing: Inquire for pricing

    Contact Walk! ATX Today

    Take advantage of our knowledge and experience with training dogs. We are ready to help take your furry friend in and teach them the skills they need to be your faithful companion. Our dog boarding and training services in Austin, TX, are second to none! Contact Walk! ATX at (512) 655-9557 to get your free consultation scheduled today!

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