Four Commands Every Dog Should Know

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shutterstock_66585331Teaching your dog a few simple commands is a great way to spend time with them. It also teaches obedience, and can be used to stop them from engaging in any dangerous or disobedient actions. The following four commands are fairly easy for any dog to learn, and can make communication easier between you and your pet.

1) Sit – Teaching your dog to sit is fairly simple, so its a great command to start with. Whenever your dog is rambunctious, telling him or her to sit can help calm them down.

  • Show your dog a treat at eye-level, then move the treat up towards the ceiling. When your pet watches the treat raise up, their bottom will naturally go down to a sitting position. After your pup sits, say “sit” and give him or her the treat.

2) Stay – After your dog has the sit command down, try teaching them to stay.

  • Tell your dog to sit, but don’t give him or her the treat. Say “stay” and take a few steps back. If your dog stays, give him or her a treat. As your dog learns, add more distance before giving a treat.

3) Come – The come command is valuable, especially when your dog is unleashed.

  • Leash your dog and lightly pull her to you after saying come, and give her a treat after she walks towards you. After mastering the trick with the leash, practice without it.

4) Down – This is a trickier command to teach, but is great if your dog tends to jump up when excited.

  • Allow your dog to smell a treat in your hand, and then lower your hand towards the floor. After following your hand to the ground, pat on the ground until he lays down. Do not push him down, but if he does lay down, say “down” and offer him the treat.

Working on these commands just a few times each day will usually allow your pet to catch on. If your dog is especially stubborn, or you just can’t find the time to incorporate training into your daily routine, you may need help from a professional. Call Walk! ATX to set up a walk or training session for your furry friend by calling (512) 655-9557 today.