Fun Ways to Exercise Your Dog Indoors

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shutterstock_261579638For some Austinites and their furry friends, the Texas heat becomes too much to handle in the summer, but exercising your pet is still an important daily task! Fortunately, there are a few clever ways to have fun without necessarily being in the hot sun.

Use the Stairs

For those of you in apartment complexes or living in a multistory home, the stairs are a great way to keep your pup active. By running up and down the stairways, your pup gets to work less developed muscles. The change in elevation and obstacle-like challenge of the stair steps also helps to work your dog’s mind as well as his or her body.

Set up an Obstacle Course

Speaking of obstacle courses, set up hurdles for you and your active dog to have fun with! By using household objects, you can create a highly entertaining and challenging course for your dog to maneuver. If you have an old hula hoop lying around, help your dog learn to jump through it. Other obstacles could include laying out boxes or furniture for your dog to navigate through. The game challenges your dog mentally and physically, plus there is benefit of team bonding between you and your best friend.

Play Hide and Seek with Treats

While treats should always be given in moderation, sometimes our furry friends deserve a few extra indulgences, especially when they are earning them by working out! Hide your pet’s favorite snacks around the house, under rugs or behind furniture for your dog to hunt down during a scavenger hunt. They will be running around so excited to find their favorite foods that they will tire themselves out and have a great time while doing it! Dog toys, like Kongs, that dispense treats are also a good alternative.

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