Great water spots for dogs in Austin

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TwinFallsWith the incredible amounts of rain that Austin has received over the past few months, water levels are up in creeks, lakes, and swimming holes throughout the city. Not only is this good news for all of the people who live in Central Texas, but it’s also good news for dogs and dog owners who like to enjoy a nice swim.

Especially with summer’s scorching temperatures right around the corner, here are a few great spots to explore with your pup.

Twin Falls and Sculpture Falls

Austin’s Greenbelt is full of great scenic places to hike with your four-legged friend, and water is close by at nearly every trail turn. However, Twin Falls and Sculpture Falls are two incredibly popular locations for people and their dogs to congregate. With water levels as full and fast as they are right now, be sure to keep a close eye on your dog if you decide to let him or her off-leash, as the water can be quite quick near the falls themselves.

Bull Creek

As its name suggests, Bull Creek’s hiking trails follow a cute, flowing creek with alternating depths of water for dogs that like to swim and those that just prefer to wade or splash around. While most of the official park is located on the eastern side of Loop 360, trails do continue west of 360 for a more isolated and quiet hiking and swimming experience.

Turkey Creek

Located just before the entrance to the Emma Long Recreational Area, Turkey Creek is a 2.5 mile hiking loop that offers hikers and their dogs a great workout and numerous clear, cool swimming holes. On the lower level of the hike, visitors are sure to appreciate the dense tree cover that provides cooling shade even on the hottest summer days. And when water levels are high as they are now, there is plenty of water in the creek to fill several large swimming holes located along the trails.

At Walk! ATX, we love getting out in Austin and letting your pups explore some of the best places to keep cool during Texas’ hot, summer months. To learn more about scheduling a hike for your pup in one of Austin’s great outdoor parks or trails, contact us today by calling (512) 655-9557.