How Much Exercise Does Your Dog Need?

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Your dog is your best friend and part of your family, so it is important to keep their mind and body as healthy as possible. From small Chihuahuas to Great Danes, our pups need consistent exercise to keep them in tip top shape. A quick way to determine how much exercise your dog needs is by their size or breed.

Hounds, Herding, and Sporting Dogs

These types of dogs are high energy breeds due to their original breeding purposes. These high intensity breeds need at least 60-90 minutes of exercise daily. It is even better for your dog if they could have this amount of play time twice a day. Not only will this keep your dog in shape, it will also keep them out of trouble. Since these breeds were meant for hard work, they can get bored easily and find ways to entertain themselves that are sometimes not the best–cue chewed up socks! Fortunately, this also means that they are intelligent and will enjoy working their brains through obedience training just as much as physical exercise!

Terriers and Toy Breeds

Terriers can range vastly in size, however they share the same bouncy and high energy traits. While they need a steady amount of exercise, the majority of terriers can get a substantial amount of their exercise while in the backyard. You should still be spending at least 60 minutes a day exercising your pup. Toy breeds can get their needed exercise in smaller spaces as well. Smaller dogs are often overlooked as needing exercise, putting them at risk of obesity and health problems later in life. Setting time aside to walk or play with your dog on a regular basis can help alleviate and prevent health problems.

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