How to Choose the Pet Sitter That’s Right for You

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As a pet owner, you want someone you can trust, such as a relative or friend, to care for your pet. Although those closest to you are excellent options, they’re not always available. They might also have trouble saying no to your request despite being uncomfortable around animals or not wanting the responsibility.

You should consider a pet care company the next time you travel or for everyday services. However, finding the best sitter for your pet requires proper planning and research.

How to Find a Pet Sitter

Before you can pick a sitter, you must know how to find one. Below are multiple ways to look for a pet sitter near you.

Word of Mouth

Word of mouth is one of the best methods of looking for a reliable pet sitter. Ask your family, friends, coworkers, and neighbors if they have a pet sitter they love. They might recommend a pet service company or specific individual they always hire when they need someone to care for their furry family member.

Asking for recommendations helps you find someone you can trust. You’ll know the person you hire is good at their job because someone you trust recommended them.

Ask a Vet

how to choose the pet sitter that is right for youVeterinarians and pet sitters often have professional connections. Sometimes, in their spare time, vet techs and assistants walk dogs, feed cats, and care for bunnies and other small animals. You can reach out to your vet for the names of pet sitters they know. You might find someone working at the facility you already feel comfortable with and know will do a good job.

Getting a recommendation from your vet also ensures your sitter knows where to take your pet in an emergency. If an accident occurs or they get sick, the sitter has a clinic to go to with staff you trust.

Reach Out to a Boarding Kennel

Talk to a local boarding kennel about pet sitters they know in your area. Reputable sitters are often well-known in the community. Many have connections with boarding kennels. You can have peace of mind knowing your pet sitter has a place to take your pet if something happens.

You can also ask a qualified pet trainer or local humane society to connect you with a pet sitter. Professionals in the industry know other professionals with extensive pet care experience.

Look Online

If you can’t get direct recommendations from the people you know, try searching on the internet. You can look up pet sitters near you and browse the websites that come up. Look for people with experience and certification. Check out the reviews from past and current clients.

Selecting the Right Sitter for Your Pet

Picking a pet sitter who will meet your pet’s needs is crucial. You want someone with experience handling various circumstances. Pet sitting is about more than walking your dog or changing your cat’s litter box. You should choose a professional with the knowledge and skills to deal with the unexpected.

Consider these factors while interviewing a potential sitter:

  • References – Ask for their references. Reputable and professional pet sitters will have references you can call to discuss their experience and professionalism.
  • Services – Many pet sitters offer multiple services beyond basic pet care. Ask what kind of services they can provide for your specific animal. For example, if you have a dog, discuss whether they can train them.
  • Insurance – The best sitters have insurance. Confirm that whoever you hire is insured and bonded. That means the company that employs them will compensate you for losses like theft and property damage. Some sitters also offer health insurance to cover veterinary expenses while your pet is in their care.
  • Emergency procedures – Discuss whether the sitter has a plan for emergencies. They should know where to bring your pet for medical treatment or backup care if they have their own emergency to deal with.
  • Chemistry – You can schedule a meeting with the prospective sitter and your pet to see if they get along. Watch how they interact and whether your pet seems to like them.

Hire a Professional You Can Trust

Finding a pet sitter can be a stressful process. Whether you work long hours, have an upcoming vacation, or need help during your daily routine, choosing the right sitter is essential.

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