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Your loveable four-legged friend deserves the best care possible, and of course, that should include a thorough bath. The frequency may vary depending on your dog’s size, fur type, and activity level, but treating your pooch to an enjoyable bath should be a regular part of any pet lover’s routine.

The Round Rock grooming experts at Walk! ATX offer a full-scale bathing service that we know your dog will enjoy. Our team is committed to ensuring that your pet feels safe, clean, and loved while they are in our care. Contact us online or call us today at (512) 655-9557 to find out more or to schedule a bath.

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    Benefits of Regular Bathing for Your Dog

    dog bathing services in Round RockIn addition to keeping your pet mud- and dirt-free after they’ve been playing outside, regular baths have many other wonderful benefits for your dog. These include:

    • Maintaining a healthy coat – Regular baths help to keep your dog’s coat free of fungus and odors. In the dry winter months, it is especially important to condition your pet’s coat so that their skin can stay comfortable and moisturized.
    • Reducing inflammation and infection – When dogs suffer from inflamed and infected skin or from damaged fur, it may be a result of not being bathed regularly or properly.
    • Improving your health – Keeping your pet’s coat clean can help to reduce allergens that might otherwise end up all over your family’s home.
    • Providing an enjoyable and therapeutic experience – Many pets enjoy baths in the same way humans enjoy their own baths or showers. Just like us, some dogs find it a wonderful way of relaxing.

    When you bring your pet for a bath with the team at Walk! ATX, they will receive a thorough and individualized experience that includes all the following services.

    Nail Trimming and Filing

    Our professionals understand that many pup owners find it challenging to keep their dog’s nails trimmed. This may be because your dog does not enjoy it, or because you are not confident that you are doing it correctly.

    Our Round Rock professional bathers have experience providing nail care for all types of dogs and all types of temperaments, and we will do everything we can to ensure that your pet remains happy and comfortable throughout the process.

    All-Natural Shampoo and De-Shedding Conditioner

    The bathing experts at Walk! ATX believe that your dog deserves only the best bathing products.

    Many dog shampoos are actually filled with toxins or harmful chemicals that can be far too harsh for your dog’s skin. The types of shampoo we use when bathing your dog are made of all-natural ingredients that are gentle and therapeutic for your pup. Furthermore, you won’t have to worry about your dog ingesting nasty toxins if they chew or lick themselves afterward.

    We also use a de-shedding conditioner that can help to minimize the amount of hair or fur your dog sheds. They also contain omega fatty acids that can work to moisturize and strengthen your dog’s coat so that it stays healthy.

    Facial Scrub

    All dogs tend to accumulate food residue, dirt, and moisture on their faces throughout the day. This can be especially problematic for dogs that have long ears, wrinkles, thick fur, or skin folds. Trapped moisture and dirt in these areas can lead to skin irritation, rashes, and unpleasant odors.

    Furthermore, many dogs develop tear stains around their eyes. These can be caused by:

    • Eye infections
    • Allergies
    • Glaucoma
    • Ingrown eyelashes
    • Shallow eye sockets

    It is important that you see a vet for any health conditions that might be troubling your dog. However, a facial scrub can help to prevent many of these issues from occurring by keeping your pet’s face clear and clean.

    Our doggy facial scrub services help to hydrate your pet’s skin while removing impurities, stains, odors, and dead skin cells. We use only natural, tear-free products that will leave your dog looking bright and smelling wonderful.

    Ear Cleaning

    While it is cute and fun to see your dog exploring their environment and rolling around outdoors, these activities expose your dog to many forms of bacteria and debris. This can lead to an unhealthy buildup of dirt in your pet’s ears. Such blockages can cause infection, balance issues, and other health concerns.

    At Walk! ATX, our dog bathing services include ear inspection and cleaning. We target our ear-cleaning services to protect your pet’s health so that their outdoor activities can be enjoyable and worry-free. We promise to make our ear cleanings as fun and safe as possible for your pet, using a gentle cleaning powder and gentle cotton swabs that clear away any dirt and excess wax. We finish the process by carefully drying your dog’s ears.


    After your dog’s bath is complete, we blow-dry their coats with a cool high-velocity dryer, much like the ones used in human hair salons. This leaves their fur soft and silky, and it also keeps your dog from getting cold.

    We can also use a cage dryer for dogs who aren’t able to tolerate a handheld blow dryer.

    Why Choose Walk! ATX?

    round rock dog bathing servicesThe dog bathing professionals at Walk! ATX have been working hard to keep Texas dogs healthy and clean since 2008. We have received recognition from organizations such as Four Legged First Aid and Pet Sitters International for our excellent pet care and dedication to each customer. We are committed to making your pet feel safe, loved, and clean while they are in our care.

    In addition to bathing, we also offer services such as:

    Book a Bath in Round Rock for Your Dog Today

    If you would like to give your dog the bathing experience they deserve, we offer our professional bathing and light grooming services at our headquarters. Additionally, we may be able to offer in-home bathing if your residence meets the necessary qualifications. Prices will vary depending on the size of the dog, the length and density of the coat, and any matting that is present. In general, the bath will cost between $35 and $80.

    Call Walk! ATX today at (512) 655-9557 or contact us online to book a bath or a meet-and-greet. Our Austin pet services experts would love to add your pup to our pack.