Your Pet and the Holidays

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shutterstock_224435698The holidays are an exciting time for all, your pets included! With the smell of pies in the air and the kids out of school to play with, your pup is sure to be full of the holiday spirit. As much fun as this time of year is for everyone, the holidays can also be a stressful time for you and your pup. Some dogs can feel overwhelmed when their owner celebrates the season with parties, out-of-town guests, or when they leave to visit family elsewhere.

Holiday Guests and Travel

One way to lessen the effects of numerous house guests on your dog, and to keep them happy and healthy during the holidays, is consistent exercising. This helps anxious dogs calm down and get out excess energy. Another tip is to make sure that they have a quiet, safe haven to retreat to in case they become overwhelmed by the amount of people and noise around. If you are traveling during the holidays, ensure that you have a proper caretaker for your animals so that they have a safe and cozy place to stay. Giving your pet a blanket or token that smells like home can comfort them if they are staying outside of your house.

Decorations and Food

While your family enjoys hot chocolate by the fireplace, these types of sweet treats and holiday foods are not the best for our four-legged companions. As much as we like to give our furry friends some scraps from the table during special events, this can cause discomfort, vomiting, and serious reactions in dogs and cats. Keeping special treats to goodies specifically meant for your pup is the safest way to include them in the festivities. Furthermore, decorations are enticing to dogs and cats due to their shiny and exciting appearance. This holiday season, ensure your animals cannot get a hold of decorations that they could consume or injure themselves with.

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