Why Should You Hire a Dog Walker?

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When you don’t have the time to walk your dog yourself, a professional dog walking service can help keep your four-legged friend happy, healthy, and fit. Below are just a few of the benefits of hiring a dog walker.

Walks Foster Your Dog’s Good Temperament

Dogs are high-energy animals, and boredom is their worst enemy. If your pet doesn’t have a productive way to burn off their energy, they’ll find other habits to satisfy their need for stimulation. Bad behavior that frequent walks can mitigate includes:

  • Barking excessively
  • Chewing on furniture
  • Jumping on your visitors
  • Humping
  • Guarding food
  • Playful biting
  • Aggressive behavior

Separation anxiety is another potential cause of bad behavior. If your dog is alone for extended periods, it may develop annoying or destructive habits. A professional walker helps them tap into the soothing sights and sounds of the outside world, preventing or treating separation anxiety before it takes a toll.

Walks Prevent Canine Obesity

To live long, healthy lives, dogs must eat right, exercise, and maintain a healthy weight. The right balance for your pet will depend on their age, breed, and medical history. For example, border collies and golden retrievers will need more exercise than a more docile Bernese or Newfie. If dogs don’t get the necessary exercise, they’ll risk developing mobility issues or heart problems later in life.

Our service offers different walk duration and environment options to accommodate different energy levels and lifestyles. Whether your dog needs a quick bathroom break, a brief and calm stroll, or a longer hike through Austin’s beautiful scenery, we can help you protect your companion’s long-term health.

Dog Walkers Promote Socialization

why should you hire a dog walkerDogs are social animals who enjoy meeting human friends and spending quality time with other furry friends. Under the care of a professional walker, they can make both kinds of connections together. Many of the walks we offer are group sessions, and your dog’s new walking buddies could become their best pals for years to come.

If your dog behaves anxiously in social situations, hiring a walker may help them get used to meeting others. You may also prefer one-on-one walk time, and we can accommodate that, too.

Dog Walkers Keep “Breaks” Regular

An empty bladder makes a happy and healthy dog. Your pet’s breed and age will determine how frequently they need bathroom breaks. A younger adult dog should “go” at least three times each day, while puppies and older dogs should make more frequent trips. The longer they “hold it,” the greater their chances of developing digestive or urinary system problems.

If you aren’t around to let your dog out when it’s time, your walker can provide the opportunity they need. Though we offer standalone bathroom break packages, your dog will have time to empty before or after any walk.

Dog Walkers Have Fun in Mind

A session with our walkers is never dull. Our team loves what we do and has the training and enthusiasm to make each day memorable for your dog. Some walkers will maintain a steady pace, while others will jog to music, bike, or skate to give your pets the thrill and satisfaction of high-speed exercise. We always keep a positive mood, giving your pet plenty of affection to reward their hard work.

Dog Walkers Cater to Owner Preferences

While our experience helps us predict which walk would be best for your pet, we understand that every dog is unique. For example, a dog may be more energetic or laid-back than others within their breed. When you book a service with a dog walker, you can specify preferences for the walk, behavioral habits for us to watch out for, and goals you may have for your pet’s behavior. Our ultimate goal is to keep pets happy, fit, and safe.

Contact Walk! ATX for Dog Walking Services

If you’re thinking about hiring a professional dog walker in Austin, the Walk! ATX team is happy to answer your questions. We are a full-service pet care company and offer training, grooming, and daycare services in addition to our comprehensive range of walking packages. Our standards are high for each walker we employ, and they pass comprehensive background checks to ensure your dog’s safety and give you peace of mind. Contact our Austin dog walkers today at (512) 655-9557.