Five Ways to Calm Your Hyper Dog

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There’s nothing like coming home to the best friend anyone can ask for, one who will give you unconditional love and affection as soon as they see you. But sometimes, we can be overwhelmed with all of the love and energy our dogs may have for us, especially after a long day or week.

Let’s face it: our dogs often have way more energy than we can reciprocate. So, you may be wondering if there’s anything you can do about your hyper dog. Try these five tips for managing your energetic dog.

Tip #1: Let Them Run

Ever heard of human parents taking their toddlers to the park to tire them out? Well, believe it or not, you can do the same thing with your dog.

Taking your dog for frequent walks or to play fetch and catch at the park isn’t just great for their health. The increased physical activity and raised heart rate will likely make them tired. One way to calm a hyper dog is to get them to go to sleep. What better way to tame your dog’s energy than by doing something that both keeps them healthy and tires them out?

Tip #2: Stimulate Them

Just like we might pick up a brain puzzle like Sudoku or grab our local newspaper to do a crossword puzzle to help pass idle time, your dog may be less hyper if their brain is stimulated. Brain activity can be as tiring as physical activity. You can buy puzzles and brain-stimulating toys made specifically for dogs. Toys like a ball inside of a box that’s inside of a diamond can do wonders for keeping your dog busy (and perhaps a little frustrated) as they try to figure out how to get to the toys inside. Even playing hide and seek with your dog in the house can do enough to keep them stimulated and rid them of some of their energy.

how to calm a hyper dog

Tip #3: Keep Them Sniffing

Dogs are well-known for their powerful sense of smell. The portion of a dog’s brain that’s dedicated to smell is much larger than ours. Engaging your dog in activities that make them use their smelling and sniffing abilities can also stimulate their brain. As mentioned, brain stimulation is a great way to help your dog release some of their high energy.

Tip #4: Extracurricular Activities

Aside from taking your dog on as many walks as you can and playing ball with them, you can involve your dog in extracurricular activities. Dog training can not only teach your dog beneficial commands and help them learn discipline and obedience, but it also stimulates them and gives them something to focus on and do. Other activities like swimming are great for tiring out a hyper dog.

Tip #5: Encourage Working for Food

You’re probably used to placing your dog’s food into their bowls when you feed them. It may be helpful to turn eating time into a game. Try hiding their favorite treats to encourage your dog to sniff around to find them. You can even buy toy puzzles where you can place your dog’s treat or food inside of it. Your dog will keep busy trying to figure out how to get to their treat.

Need More Help?

If you’ve tried implementing the above and other tips to minimize your dog’s hyperactivity, you may need to seek professional help. Imagine being full of energy all the time without being able to release it. It may not be any fun for your sweet dog to be consistently hyper, and it could also be a sign of something else going on in their bodies. Hyperactivity can be a symptom of certain health conditions in dogs. For example, a common side effect of anxiety in dogs is hyperactivity. So, both you and your dog would benefit from a vet visit to discuss your concerns and to determine whether any underlying health issues are contributing to your dog’s consistently heightened energy levels.

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