6 Common Training Mistakes Owners Make

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Six of the most common training mistakes that dog owners make are:

1) Training for an extended period of time. Remember, your dog does not have the same attention span that a human does, so make sure to keep your training sessions brief! You will accomplish more with a short, focused training session than a long session that drags out beyond your dog’s patience limit.

2) Sending your dog mixed signals when training. Make sure not to confuse your dog and be consistent with your signals. For example, do not use positive and negative reinforcement at the same time…your dog will not know how to respond. It is recommended that trainers use positive reinforcement to achieve the best results, and you should consider sticking to that method to have a happier, healthier, more obedient pup!

3) If you doing “click” training, make sure not to overuse the clicker. Use it only when making a point and grabbing your dog’s attention during training. Over-clicking will cause your dog to be confused about the instruction he or she is trying to absorb.

4) Overuse of commands. Much like over-clicking, constant and unreinforced repeating of the same command over and over will instead teach your dog that he or she does not need to obey the command if they don’t do it the first time. You should always aim to use your commands one time, and expect that your dog will obey it.

5) Training in only one location. If you train your dog in the same location without practicing in various other locations, you may find that the dog is only obedient in that same setting. In order to properly train your dog, you need to take that training regimen on the road!

6) Failing to practice. With dogs, practice really does make perfect! You cannot expect your dog to learn and retain the lessons without reinforcing it with plenty of practice. Make sure to stay consistent, be positive, and reinforce their good behaviors!

At Walk ATX, we understand that your busy schedule sometimes makes it hard for you to complete the training regimen your dog needs. We have the experience, knowledge, and advanced techniques that can help your pup learn how to be a happy citizen! Contact us at 512-655-9557 to discuss how we can help you and your furry friend!

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