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Are you a busy dog parent who sometimes just doesn’t have the time to get your pooch the exercise it needs? Maybe you work long hours, or you have other obligations you must take care of first. When you get home, it’s late, and you’re tired. You know you need to get your dog out regularly for a good, long walk or run, but there are days when life gets in the way. It happens. We understand- reach out today, we can help.

You know that dogs can require a lot of exercise, particularly puppies and high-energy breeds, and when they don’t get enough exercise, they can act out in other ways. In fact, the ASPCA points to lack of exercise as being a possible cause of a variety of destructive dog behaviors, such as tearing up stuff in the home, making potty messes where they shouldn’t, and other displeasing actions.

The truth is, a tired dog is a happy dog, and here at Walk! ATX in Hutto, Texas, we offer a full range of dog walking services to help your dog get the exercise it needs. Additionally, our services provide the important socialization your dog requires to be content and well-adjusted, which can help with issues like separation anxiety. Call us at (512) 655-9557 or use our contact page to find out more!

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    Serving Hutto and the Greater Austin Area

    A premier full-service dog facility serving the Austin area, Walk! ATX was founded in 2008 by experienced canine professional Britton Danton. Since then, our staff has grown to 15 of the most excellent pet care professionals you will ever meet. Accredited by the Better Business Bureau, our company offers the following services for you and your beloved furry family member:

    • Dog walking – Walk! ATX started as a successful dog-walking service Britton offered in his neighborhood, and we grew from there. We based our company on the motto, “Tired, Happy, Dogs.” Just like people, dogs need to move around too. However, requirements differ regarding the amount of activity a dog may need depending on breed, age, health, and so forth. The American Kennel Club has some great suggestions about the amount of activity and exercise your dog may need, provided the dog is physically capable, of course.

    Here at Walk! ATX, we offer a variety of dog-walking services to meet your needs, schedule, and budget, and we will work with you to set up the best plan for your dog’s specific requirements.

    • Sitting and boarding – Going out of town soon? Want someone to watch your fur baby at your house while you’re gone?

    Walk! ATX has you covered. We offer full-service in-house pet-sitting services, along with plant watering, mail retrieval, and more. We also offer a spectacular and innovative batch boarding service where your dog will stay with us and be a member of the pack 24/7!

    • Day camp – Hate the thought of leaving your pet home alone all day while you are at work or school? Dogs are social animals and need interaction as well as exercise. They also need to feel like they are part of the pack.

    Walk! ATX offers economical solutions so you don’t have to leave your pet alone. Our day camp is designed to give your dog the social interaction it needs, and we even offer transportation to and from our day camp as an additional service.

    • Dog training – No matter what breed of dog you have, both you and your pet will be much happier, and life will be a lot less frustrating if your dog is properly trained. Basic obedience training is a must, and it can help make your relationship with your pet not only happier and stronger but also safer – safer for you, your pet, your family members, and anyone else who comes in contact with your dog.

    Walk! ATX offers a complete basic dog training program, as well as a behavioral training program, for dogs of all walks of life. Because we are focused on the sustainability of the training, we give you lessons to take with you so that you can work with your pet at home to reinforce concepts and improve success.

    • Dog bathing and light grooming – Walk! ATX offers dog bathing both at our headquarters as well as at your home. We use an all-natural shampoo and conditioner designed to cut down on shedding. We also offer nail trimming and filing, but as of now, we do not offer full grooming or shave-downs.
    • Pet taxi and other services – Need to have your dog dropped off at the vet or somewhere else while you are at work or running other errands? Walk! ATX offers affordable dog taxi services for one-way and two-way trips. We also offer a host of other services for your pup, including pet nutrition advice, emergency response services, private owner consultations, and more. We even offer care services for certain non-traditional and exotic pets and and a leash

    No matter your dog’s needs, Walk! ATX provides quality full-service pet care services at reasonable rates, and our friendly, experienced professionals genuinely want to help make your four-legged fur baby as happy and healthy as possible. We have received numerous top customer reviews on Yelp! and other sources, and our website proudly displays the dozens of glowing testimonials and referrals we have received from our satisfied customers.

    Experienced, Passionate, and Caring

    Combined, our team of awesome dog-care professionals has decades of experience working with pooches of all shapes, sizes, and ages. We are also certified in first aid and CPR for pets, as well as emergency response. More importantly, however, we also have a passion for what we do and making a positive difference in the lives of the puppies we have the pleasure to work with. We want to meet you and your fabulous fuzzy friend so that you can become part of the pack. Reach out to us today.

    You can rest easy knowing your loving companion is in the best hands possible, and we offer a variety of services and schedules to fit your time and budget. We are available 24 hours a day to help you with your pet, and you can rely on us for compassionate, customized, and responsive care each step of the way.

    Contact Us Today

    Local, personal, and reliable, Walk! ATX is here for you and just about anything your cherished canine needs. To schedule a meet-and-greet, you can call us at (512) 655-9557 or reach out through our contact form. We look forward to meeting you and your pup.