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According to many experts, daily exercise is vital to the health and well being of your dog.  Pat Miller of The Whole Dog Journal says “most ‘hyper’ dogs are just under-exercised.” And we agree! After an hour of proper exercise you’ll notice a difference in your pup’s demeanor. They are more effectively trained, their minds are at ease, and they are over all more enjoyable companions.

“Generally speaking, a leashed walk around the block isn’t going to cut it. Most dogs need 30 to 60 minutes of exercise a day. Your canine pal needs enough that he’s slowed down by the time you stop.”  –

At Walk! ATX we use many different unconventional approaches like long distance running to fulfill the needs of even the most energetic pups.  Just take a look!

See for yourself the difference a good run can make in your dog’s overall well-being. Contact me here.

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