Choosing Your Dog’s Next Meal

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With the countless different varieties of dog foods in today’s market, many new dog owners are left confused about which to choose. Each dog food’s brand, flavor, and meat all can play an important role in your dog’s health, so it is imperative that you, as a pet owner, choose wisely. Below are a few tips that will ensure that your dog will love their next meal.

Learn the Lingo

The Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) has set in place restrictions on pet food labeling to end big corporation marketing gimmicks. These restrictions require that dog foods that use specific keywords on its packaging meet set percentage amounts for their ingredients. For instance, the term “single ingredient” or “combination” must mean that at least 95% of its content be of the specified ingredient. Furthermore, while terms like “entree”, “dinner”, or “platter” may sound like upscale pet food, these terms only need to contain 25% of the named ingredient. For more information, visit the AAFCO website.

Check the Nutrition Label

Many dog foods have pertinent information about its nutritional value spread all over its packaging. The guaranteed analysis, which can be found on every dog food package, lists the minimum content of specific nutrients such as crude protein, fats, and fiber. Also, the ingredients section for dog foods are listed in order of weight, so look for foods with meats listed first.

Consult Your Vet

Unbeknownst to many, dogs can have food allergies that can create adverse impact towards your dog’s health. Vets can test for these allergies and recommend the appropriate diet for your puppy. Also, if your dog is over or underweight, be sure to consult your vet to guarantee that you are taking the healthiest route to achieve your dogs desired weight. Food plays an important role in the vitality of your pet, and using professionally recommended food is always and excellent choice.

Contact a Pet Specialist

If you need a pet sitting service, let the professionals at Walk! ATX watch over the health and safety of your pet. Our qualified pet sitters are trained to care for, play with, and love your pet to ensure that they will be nothing but excited for your return. Please contact our office at (512) 655-9557 to learn about the best food for your dog and our other pet services!