Gus “The Tank”

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– sometimes known as “Tazmanian Gus”

Is an exceptionally loving, playful, and loyal Pit/lab mix who has found his way into the hearts of all of us at Walk! ATX. He was rescued from Austin Pets Alive! About a year ago and brought from rags to riches by his loving family! Now you can find him out running with us, at the park with his family, or chilling at the house with a bone full of peanut butter!

Big Gus is FULL of energy – and we love it! When he first sees me at the door he (sometimes literally) bounces off the walls! But after a long tongue-flopping  run, he is one of the most docile pups in the world.

If your pup needs an outlet; a fun and exciting way to work his mind and his body while you aren’t available, CONTACT US! Your best friend will be waiting for you when you get home with his mind and body at ease. 🙂