Leash Etiquette Training Tips

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leash trainingIn a dog friendly city like Austin, Texas, we want to be able to bring our pets into public confident that they will behave appropriately. This is why etiquette training on the leash is such an important skill for a puppy or adult dog to have.

The command “heal” is one of the five basic commands that most dogs learn. However, precision healing takes a lot of consistent work to pay off. Most dogs are excitable and enjoy the outdoors. Some pets like to sprint ahead of their owners, pulling on their leashes while other dogs like to stop and sniff their surroundings every few steps. So how can these behaviors become curbed in favor of more publicly appropriate conduct?

Use an Award System

The most basic approach involves a lot of treats and awards for the dog. By using a short leash and an award system for not pulling every couple of steps, the dog associates walking next to their owner as a positive experience. Small, peanut sized treats are the most popular choice of reward since the dog can quickly enjoy them and continue to learn.

Walk at a Quick Pace

Some dogs can have low attention spans. When they walk more quickly, they are less distracted by the sights and smells around them and can better focus on their owner. This encourages the dog to listen to direction rather than sniffing around.

Final Note

Consistency is the most important element of leash training. It’s important that while a dog is learning to heal that all walks are considered an educational experience. These training walks should be taken frequently but for brief periods of time.

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