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Britton Danton

Hello Austin puppy people! I always say that this business chose me. All my life I have felt such a natural connection with animals, and I’ve grown up walking, bathing, and housesitting for them. I feel complete when my dog pack is around – when they’re happy, I’m happy. Throughout the years, I have studied and explored canine behavior in depth in order to try and understand their thought process. My goal is to see things from their perspective in order to provide them with the most fulfilling life possible. Walk! ATX was established in the spring of 2008, when I started walking multiple dogs each day in my neighborhood while working full time at a local groom shop. Everyone always had great things to say about the fun, nurturing companionship I had to offer their pets – as well as the professional and interactive experience I offered to them as an owner. Pet care has always been a full-time job for me, and these days it’s become a huge responsibility, but I wouldn’t have it any other way – I thrive when I’m busy, and I love to be out and about. I have three pups of my own: Rusko, Stella, and Frosty. Rusko is an 8-year-old Aussie who has been with me since puppyhood. He LOVES to have a job to do, and I’m thankful I’ve been able to spend so much time working with his shepherd energy and figuring out how to channel it. We have grown together so much, and I wouldn’t be the person I am today without the countless lessons he has taught me as a dog owner and just as a human. Stella is my little golden child. She is daddy’s girl and my little helper on the job. She comes with me for certain training jobs, and helps keep the peace in the yard. Little Frosty is a chihuahua I found behind a dumpster as a puppy! He’s a sweet little firecracker. He may be smol, but he can roll with the big dogs! I take my career very seriously, but I really like to have fun in the process – life’s too short! In my free time I love to climb, I play guitar and drums, record music, party with friends, explore the city and all the amazing restaurants, and watch movies. If you ask my friends they’d tell you I work too much, but this job is so rewarding it’s 100% worth it. I have put so much of myself into this company, and throughout the years it has grown into such an amazing operation. I feel extremely lucky and proud to have such a solid team by my side. Walk ATX consists of me and over 20 of the very best pet care professionals around! I trust our team implicitly to treat all animals with love and respect, and to uphold the highest standards of professionalism in pet care. It is my pleasure to introduce to you our all-star team of sitters, walkers, and camp counselors!