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Erica P.

Hey there! I’m Erica (with a “c” LOL) and I am the lead kennel technician here at WalkATX. I was born and raised in Beaumont, Tx on an alligator rescue reserve called Gator Country. Why? My mother actually owned half of the rescue facility when I was a youngin’. We also had more than just alligators there, mainly reptiles anywhere from rattle snakes and boas to iguanas and tegus ( a very large lizard), as well as tortoises. We also had furry friends like hedge hogs, raccoons, chinchillas, etc. I have lived almost 100% of my life around all kinds of animals and deeply enjoy being around them! Once me and my mother decided to move to Austin, I still wanted to work and be around animals so I started looking for jobs in that area. I noticed that doggy daycares are very popular in Austin and immediately I was like “YES”!! I found WalkATX and everything just felt right.

In my free time, I enjoy going out with friends and exploring Austin or staying home and cuddling up with my cat Poly and my pup Dobby. Poly is a lil chunky domestic shorthaired cat with extra front toes (hence the name Poly, short for polydactyl) She has 6 toes on her front right paw and 7 on her front left paw. I raised Poly from a kitten and got her from one of my sisters cats who had kittens. Dobby is a chihuahua mix, but kind of looks like a mini doberman pinscher. I got him from Throw A Dog A Bone rescue, he was being fostered at the time because his previous owners abandoned him. He’s a hoppy little man and basically bounces instead of walks HAHA. When he does walk he does this little prance and it always makes me so happy.