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Erika N.

Hey there, I’m Erika and I am so proud to say that I am the general manager here at Walk! ATX where I began as a walker in 2018 then moved on to being a camp counselor for our day camp! I was born and raised in Massachusetts and after a hop, skip, and a jump I have found myself in this amazing city where I feel right at home.  I’ve worked with animals most of my life, I basically grew up at a horseback riding facility as a trail guide surrounded by all kinds of animals. At home I had dogs, cats, rats, geckos and fish. I always knew I wanted to work outside with animals but didn’t know exactly what and where I would end up and I feel like everything just clicked for me once I became part of the Walk! ATX team. In my free time I love enjoying Austin’s food culture, taking care of my plant family, chilling with my horse Juniper and going on excursions with my dogs.
Currently, I have a heeler mix named Basil and she is my total soulmate. We met when I was living in Arizona and the two of us have been inseparable ever since. She joins me in all of my work adventures. I also have a lab mix named Sunday, she is such a people pleaser and one of the funnest dogs I know.
One of my favorite parts of my job is working with the puppy squad. I will typically take them on our pack walks in smaller groups so I can work with them on their leash manners, sit stays and positively introduce them to situations in this big new world they are a part of. It’s so rewarding watching them grow and learn, and to be a part of that process. From puppy to the wise old dog I am always excited to make new friends and introduce them to our pack.

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