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Erika N.

Hey there, I’m Erika. I work as an administrator with Walk ATX. I began as a walker in 2018 then moved on to being a camp counselor for our day camp. I was the general manager for a few years and now I work remotely in New England where I am closer to family and am working on getting my dog training business off the ground. Training is where my heart lies but I love facilitating growth with Walk! ATX it’s so rewarding to see how far we have come as a company. My main focus in my position is working on big picture projects to keep this wonderful place I call “work” growing to its full potential, hiring new team members, onboarding new clients and acting as an additional support system to management. I am so fortunate that I am a part of the Walk ATX community and still get to work closely with all of our amazing staff and clients even from a distance.