Potty Training Your New Puppy

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shutterstock_68911786Bringing home your new puppy is exciting and fun, but potty training can put stress on your new relationship. It is important to begin potty training as soon as you bring your pup home and be consistent with your training. Potty training can be easy and quick when done properly, so here are a few tips for getting your pup house trained!

Establish a routine.

Routines are incredibly important for puppies. They need structure and repetition to be able to learn when it is time to sleep, eat, and potty. You’ll need to take your puppy outside frequently–they have tiny bladders! Every two hours is a good rule of thumb, but as they grown and learn, they won’t need to go out as frequently. After they go, reward them with some scratches, a treat, and love so they know that they did a good job.

Supervise at all times.

When your pup is inside, watch them like a hawk. If there is any sign that they might need to go, such as sniffing in circles, whining, or sitting at the door, take them out immediately. Don’t let them go in the house at all costs, and if you catch them in the act, interrupt them, go outside, and praise them if they finish outdoors.

Don’t get upset.

Mistakes are going to happen. Your pup is still a baby and needs time to learn. When, not if, they have accidents, don’t get upset. Don’t rub their nose in it, spank them, or use a harsh tone of voice or else they will only be afraid of you. Instead, clean it up well, take them out, and praise them for going outside.

Plan ahead.

If you know you are going to be gone for longer than your puppy can hold it, plan for someone else to take them out. Walk! ATX can help you in this situation and be there to take your pup outside so they can go when and where they need to. Call us today at (512) 655-9557 to learn more about the Austin dog walking and training services we offer and how we can help you get your puppy trained!