Regular Dog Walking Can Improve Your Pup’s Behavior

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shutterstock_363216950Regular exercise is known to improve the health and overall happiness of dogs. It is also capable of improving behavior, for a multitude of reasons. If your dog has behavior issues, then making sure your dog gets regular, long walks could be a way to effectively address this problem.

Here are a few reasons why walks are linked to better behaving pets:

Release of excess energy – The saying “a tired dog is a good dog” holds a lot of truth. A long walk allows dogs to get rid of their extra energy, making it more likely for them to rest when they are at home. Behavioral issues related to overly active breeds or chewing often subside when dogs are tired.

Improving health – Much like humans, dogs can be cranky when they are not feeling their best. Dog walking can build a stronger core in your pet, preventing common health issues like arthritis. A dog that feels well is more likely to behave well.

Socialization – Dog walking allows for a controlled setting in which your pet is introduced to new settings, smells, sounds, people, and animals. Well-socialized animals typically lack aggressive behavior, as they are not overwhelmed and frightened by external stimuli.

Mental stimulation – Your dog may become bored without mental stimulation, which can result in destructive behavior. Going on walks and presenting new situations and environments to your pup can help keep them entertained and mentally engaged.

Leash training – Using a leash is a great way to teach a pet some basic behavioral skills. Teaching your dog to become comfortable with a leash is a great first step in working with an unruly pet.

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