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Are you looking for a fun and safe way to keep your pup entertained while you’re away? Dog day camp in Round Rock, TX, is the perfect solution! Dog Day Camp offers a fun and stimulating environment where your pup can play, learn, and socialize with other dogs. The Round Rock pet care experts of Walk! ATX provide attentive and caring supervision for your dog and a variety of activities to keep them entertained. Our experienced staff is dedicated to ensuring your pup has a safe and enjoyable experience while they’re with us. Call us at (512) 655-9557 or contact us online to learn more about our Dog Day Camp and why it’s the perfect place for your pup.

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    What Is Dog Day Camp? 

    Dog Day Camp is a great way to give your dog the exercise and socialization they need while you’re away. It provides an ideal opportunity for pups to socialize with their peers, have fun, and learn new skills. The camp staff at Walk! ATX consists of experienced, knowledgeable professionals committed to providing a safe, loving environment for all dogs.

    With our Day Camp option, our experienced staff will pick up your pup in the morning and drop them off at your home in the late afternoon. We’ll ensure your pooch gets plenty of exercise and plays in a safe and fun environment.

    We also offer a daycare option, in which you bring your pup to the camp in the morning and pick them up at the end of the day. With both Day Camp and daycare, your dog will have plenty of opportunities to mingle and play with our other campers. We provide a safe and stimulating environment for your pup to explore and make friends.

    What Are the Benefits of Dog Day Camp? 

    Dog Day Camp has many benefits, including:

    • Improves socialization skills: Your dog will have the opportunity to interact with other dogs of all shapes, sizes, and ages, which will help them develop good socialization skills.
    • Stimulating and engaging activities: Dog Day Camp includes activities such as swimming, running, fetching, exploring, and more. These activities will provide your pup with plenty of mental and physical stimulation.
    • Exercise: Dog Day Camp offers an opportunity for your pup to get regular exercise, which is vital for maintaining a healthy weight and preventing health issues.
    • Mental stimulation: Dog Day Camp activities help keep your pup’s mind sharp by stimulating their instinct to learn and explore.
    • Stress relief: Dog Day Camp provides a safe, nurturing environment where your dog can relax and feel secure.
    • Separation anxiety relief: Dog Day Camp can be an excellent option for those dogs who suffer from separation anxiety when left alone at home. The social interaction and activities will help keep them distracted and give them something to look forward to while you’re away.

    What Should I Expect at Dog Day Camp?

    dog day camp in round rock You can expect a fun-filled day for your pup at Dog Day Camp in Round Rock, TX. After being picked up between 9:00 and 11:00 a.m., your dog’s day starts with socializing and having fun with others in a large yard for an hour or two. Then, we’ll all take a long group walk to give them some training in real-world settings. After the walk, there is additional training and playtime, stock tank pool swimming, and sunbathing. We’ll keep you updated throughout the day with pictures and videos of the fun! Later on, drop-off is between 3:00 and 5:00 p.m.

    We want your pup to get the most out of their day at Dog Day Camp in Round Rock, TX, so our staff is always available to answer any questions. We look forward to providing your best friend with a fun and exciting day.

    What Types of Dogs Benefit from Dog Day Camp? 

    Dog Day Camp is ideal for dogs of all shapes and sizes to socialize, exercise, and learn new skills. In addition, it is a great way for owners to give their pups the attention and stimulation they need without sacrificing their schedules. While it may seem like only the most active and energetic canines could benefit from such an environment, many different types of pups can benefit from day camp.

    • High-energy breeds, such as Retrievers, Huskies, Terriers, and other working breeds
    • Sociable and outgoing dogs who enjoy interacting with people and other animals
    • Pups who need to learn socialization skills

    How Much Does Dog Day Camp Cost?  

    At Walk! ATX Dog Day Camp in Round Rock, TX, the cost for daycare is $36 (+$15 per additional dog). For Day Camp, the price is $55 (+$28 per additional dog).

    Our daycare hours are 8:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m., but we offer an “after-hours” drop off and pickup option for a $7 surcharge. Our extended hours option runs from 7:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m. However, we require notification if you plan to drop off before 8:00 a.m.


    Questions our potential customers often ask us include: 

    Is Dog Day Camp supervised?

    Yes. Our dedicated trainers supervise our Dog Day C amp from start to end. We take great care to ensure your pup is safe, secure, and having the best time possible.

    What activities will my dog do at Dog Day Camp?

    Depending on the age and size of your dog, they can participate in various activities, including swimming, exploring, playtime, and socialization with other campers.

    Is there any training provided during Dog Day Camp?

    Yes. Our staff provides obedience training, fun tricks, and agility exercises that help to enrich your pup’s experience at camp.

    Contact Us for Doggy Day Care in Round Rock Today 

    round rock dog day campAt Walk! ATX in Round Rock, TX, we believe every pup deserves play, friends, and exercise in a happy and safe environment. However, we understand that finding the right fit for your furry family member can be difficult, so we are happy to offer a trial day of daycare to ensure that all the dogs in attendance are compatible.

    If you’re interested in learning more about Walk! ATX pet care services, call us at (512) 655-9557. We’d love to set up a meet-and-greet to discuss how Dog Day Camp can benefit your four-legged friend.