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Are you looking for someone to help keep your dog happy and healthy when you’re at work or on vacation? Look no further than the dog walking team at Walk! ATX! We love dogs as much as you do, and we are to help make exercise a regular part of your dog’s schedule.

We have a walking schedule and pace suited for any household’s needs, from short jaunts to long hikes, solo strolls to group adventures in and around Round Rock. We’ll treat your dog with the same affection and attention you would. Give us a call at (512) 655-9557 today to find out more.

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    Dog Walking Services

    round rock dog walking servicesAll dogs need to walk. From the smallest teacup Chihuahua to the biggest English Mastiff, a dog was born to move. Like people, dogs need at least 30 minutes of exercise per day to keep their hearts and joints healthy. A quick run outside for a potty break isn’t enough, but not everyone has the time to spare each and every day.

    That’s where we come in. Dog walkers can get your dog out of the house and into the fresh air and sunshine even when you can’t. Let us be part of your dog’s care team.

    We take the time to get to know your pet so that we understand what your dog likes. Some dogs prefer a long run with a single person, and others like to get out in groups. Whatever your pet prefers, we’ll ensure our professional walkers give them the workout they want and the devoted attention they deserve. Our goal is to keep your dog happy, socialized, and in tip-top shape.

    Benefits of Dog Walking

    Most dogs love to go for walks, as is evident from their joyful dances and barks when the leash comes off the hook. But aside from bringing dogs joy, walks bring them health, as well. The positive effects of regular exercise include the following:

    • Health benefits. Dogs evolved from wolves. Their bodies still crave running and jumping like their wild ancestors. Being sedentary causes the same health problems for dogs as it does for humans. Dogs get heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, and other ailments. A regular morning and evening walk can keep them slim, increase heart health, and stave off diseases.
    • Psychological benefits. Dogs are curious creatures. They like being around new things and taking in different sights and smells. We’ve all seen how our dogs love to sniff corners and poke around bushes. We can get them out of the house and let them explore even when your schedule keeps you from leading the way.
    • Behavioral benefits. Dogs are accustomed to being with a pack. When they’re left alone, they get bored and lonely. Bored, lonely dogs can be destructive dogs. Regular walks can prevent damage to your furniture and other possessions.
    • Owner benefits. As much as everyone would like to be home around their dogs all day, that’s not always realistic. Whether it’s a typical workday or an out-of-town trip, you can’t always be there for your pet. You want to be able to go about your day knowing your dog’s needs are being met. Our dog lovers can give your furry friend a good workout so they’re blissfully tuckered when you get home. You’ll feel happy knowing that your dog is content and cared for.

    Some of Our Special Services

    Walk! ATX believes all dogs are good dogs! But we know that each dog is different. We can accommodate a wide range of canine needs to ensure your dog gets its own specially-tailored workout. Some of the important characteristics of our services are:

    • Your dog will be walked by the same person every time. This lets your dog and the walker develop a rapport and gives your dog one more person in their life to trust and depend on.
    • Elderly or disabled pets are no problem. If your senior dog needs extra time for a walk, our walkers are glad to amble alongside. Dogs with special needs will be given extra care and gentle attention.
    • Puppies and enthusiastic dogs are welcomed. If young dogs or hyperactive canines don’t play well with others, we’ll walk them solo until they are ready for group walks. The only dogs we can’t take are human-aggressive animals. 

    Price List

    round rock dog walkingOur walking fees are designed to be flexible and budget-friendly. Our Round Rock dog-walking services include:

    • Short potty break – $18  (+ $3 per additional dog)
    • 20-minute walk – $20 (+ $4 per additional dog)
    • 30-minute walk – $22 (+ $5 per additional dog)
    • 45-minute walk – $31 (+ $7 per additional dog)
    • 1-hour walk  – $38  (+ $10 per additional dog)
    • 2-4 hour hike/excursion  – $50 (+$25 per additional dog)

    We know that sometimes things come up at the last minute, and you need a dog walker as soon as possible. Holidays can be especially hectic for everyone with guests and trips out of town. We can accommodate last-minute needs and holiday requests. We apply minor surcharges to our regular fees as a reward to our walkers for making the extra effort for their canine clients.

    • Scheduled on the same day (or after 5pm the day before) (+$6)
    • Walks before 9am or after 5pm (+$6)
    • On Saturday and Sunday (+$6)
    • On holidays: New Year’s Day, Easter Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Eve (+$5)

    *Please note these surcharges go directly to your walker as an incentive to make the separate trip outside of their regular hours.

    Contact Us Today

    If this sounds like a good fit for you and your dog, Walk! ATX is here to start walking with your pup! Let us become part of your dog’s extended family. Give our Round Rock dog walkers a call at (512) 655-9557 or fill out our intake form and set up an appointment today.