Routine and Exercise Ease Stress in Dogs

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shutterstock_127333763Many dog owners are unaware that pups are sensitive to stressful situations and often feel anxiety. Young and old dogs alike will exhibit indicators that they are in need of exercise and a routine to help alleviate their stress. Destructive behaviors such as accidents in the house, barking, chewing, and irritability may be signs that your dog requires more routine in his or her life.

Early Training

Dogs enjoy having a purpose. In fact, many dog breeds were specifically bred to perform a job, such as hunting or herding other animals. As such, depending on the type of dog you have, your dog may feel anxiety or stress due to boredom or lack of having a “job” to do. A great way to help with this problem is to enroll your dog (and yourself!) in obedience classes. Working with your dog as a team to perform tricks and obey commands can help your overall communication and relationship. Training your furry friend also helps keep their mind sharp and healthy while also making them feel as if they are fulfilling a purpose.

Scheduled Dog Walks

For some people, going to the gym every day is how they relieve stress. Your dog may be exhibiting unruly behavior to communicate that they are in need of a similar exercise routine! Dogs are happiest when they have a regular routine with some variety mixed in, and one of the best ways to establish this is through scheduled walks and daily exercise. This can help your puppy stay consistently happy and healthy.

For pet owners who work during the day, scheduling a consistent walking or training routine may be difficult. Fortunately, at Walk! ATX, our experienced and caring trainers and dog walkers are able to keep your pet exercised and happy through our individualized programs specialized to meet your and your pup’s unique needs. Call us today at (512) 655-9557 for more information on the pet services we offer!