Tired, Happy Dogs.

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Pet Sitting


Walk! ATX offers professional pet care in your home as an alternative to kennels and boarding facilities.  This allows for your pet to stay in the comfort of their own home while we cater to their specific needs.

Not only is in-home pet sitting healthier for your pets, it also is ideal because it eliminates the stressors and boredom of being boarded in a kennel.  Dogs with special needs will be given their medications and customized care according to your instructions. Linens will be clean upon owner’s return, dishes will be done, and the house will be cleaner than you left it. All pups will receive at least one block of exercise time per day and lots of love and affection!

Pricing is tailored to each home’s individual needs. Call for a true estimate.

How pricing works:

Overnight stays – $45/night

Daytime visits – $15-18/visit

*Included services:

watering plants, rotating lights, feeding fish, taking out trash, and bringing in mail/newspapers daily.

*add $10/day for holidays