The Benefits of In-Home Pet Sitting

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dog bedOne significant difficulty you may face as a pet owner is figuring out what to do with your pets when you have to go out of town. While there are numerous boarding services available, this is not a great option for every dog. Many dogs become nervous when placed in an unfamiliar environment, experiencing everything from emotional distress to physical symptoms like gastrointestinal problems, or refusal to eat. Additionally, for older, sick, or injured dogs, the stress of a boarding facility and/or unknown environment can take a significant toll.

Fortunately, there are alternatives to boarding at an external facility, one of the most convenient of which is letting your dogs stay in the familiar comfort of their own home while you are away! With in-home pet sitting, a qualified and experienced pet sitter will come to your home regularly, making sure that your dogs are not only fed and walked, but that they are properly exercised and entertained. Your dogs are sure to feel more relaxed when able to stay at home, and you will have the added benefit of knowing that not only your dogs, but your home, is being looked after while your away.

At Walk! ATX, our pet sitters are dedicated to making sure that your pets and your home are properly looked after in your absence. As such, in addition to giving your dogs the love and attention they deserve, we will also rotate lights, clean linens, wash dishes, and water your plants so that everything is in proper order when you return from your trip. Call us today at (512) 655-9557 to learn more about our pet sitting services and what we can do for your pets.