Five Signs Your Dog Needs Obedience Training

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Once in a while, you’ll hear a story about a dog so willing to please, even as a puppy, that the owner doesn’t have to do any training at all. This mythical canine just “gets it”, never pees or poos in the house, always comes when called, never has a problem with other dogs or humans, and can grab a beer from the fridge on command. Well, like a lot of things that sound too good to be true, the Adventures of Fido the Wonder Pup is usually a fictional account, a story to tell around the campfire, not reality.

The truth is that most dogs need to be educated just like people do. If you’ve admired your neighbor’s well-behaved dog, chances are that dog has some training. At Walk! ATX we have a training program that is flexible enough to fit the needs of any dog, and rigorous enough to give your pooch a grounding in basic commands and obedience. Does your Austin dog exhibit any of the behaviors listed below? If they do, it might be time to consider a dog training program with us.

dog being trained

Walking Your Dog Feels Like You’ve Lassoed A Bucking Bronco

Walking your dog should be a soothing, pleasant activity for both of you. This bonding experience is a great way to get exercise and enjoy each other’s company. If your dog is dragging you around town like a sack of potatoes, your general enjoyment of this classic pastime is going to suffer.

Imagine a dog walk where the leash is slack and your dog is walking happily beside you! This is not only possible, it is relatively simple to achieve with the right dog training.  If you have further questions, reach out today and learn how we can help.

Your Dog Jumps on People

People use a lot of euphemisms when their dog jumps up on people. “Oh, he likes to give hugs,” is a popular one. Well, getting a ‘hug’ from a fifty or eighty-pound dog might not be as pleasant as you make it sound. And the people your pup is mauling with affection might actually get hurt if they fall down. This dangerous and unwelcome habit needs to be broken. Contact us today.

Your Dog Chews Everything

Puppies chew on stuff because they are teething. This is completely natural. But, there is a big difference between a chew toy and your Chippendale dining room set. Your dog needs to be taught the difference so you don’t go bankrupt. Dogs are looking for boundaries and a qualified dog trainer can help you set them.

Your Dog Barks at Everything

A certain amount of barking at stuff is to be expected from any dog. Squirrels seem to be high on their list of things that need to be yelled at. Mail carriers are also not appreciated by dogs, no matter what cool stuff they are delivering. However, constant barking at the slightest little thing or nothing at all may indicate that your is over-reactive. Dog trainers are accustomed to this issue and can help your dog make more sensible barking choices.

Your Dog Views Your Commands as Optional Suggestions

It can be comical (at times) to be ignored by your dog. It’s also tempting to admire your dog’s rebellious spirit when they snub your commands. But, this is actually a very serious behavioral problem. The health and safety of your dog depend on them listening to you and obeying your commands. There are situations a dog can get themselves into where they might be in danger if they don’t comply with a ‘come’ command. A dog trainer can help in this area as well- taking you seriously might be the most important thing your dog will ever learn. Contact us today.

well behaved German Shepard

Does My Dog Need Training?

Just like some parents overlook or downplay the negative behavior of their children, dog owners are often guilty of seeing their pets as capable of doing no wrong. Just remember, having some bad behavioral issues doesn’t mean your dog is ‘bad.’ They just need to be taught the correct way to behave. This takes some work and a little patience. The Austin dog trainers at Walk! ATX work with you to achieve sustained obedience. Dog obedience is worthless if they only do it in class. We’ll give you the skills you need to be the master of your dog at home! Call at (512) 655-9557 for an appointment today.