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Like many people, your dog is an important part of your family, meaning you probably worry about them when you leave them alone for long workdays. Many people wonder what their dog is doing while their humans are at work, whether they’re lonely, and the worst thought – are they destroying my couch again? Round Rock dog daycare may be the solution to all of your dog problems.

At Walk! ATX, we provide pet care services that will give your dog an opportunity to socialize with people and other dogs, releasing all of their pent-up energy.

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    What Are the Benefits of Dog Daycare?

    round rock dog daycareDog daycare can have ample benefits for your furry best friend, and the staff at Walk! ATX are dedicated to making sure your dog’s day is filled with fun that provides the following benefits:

    • Exercise: Like with humans, exercise is important for your dog’s health and happiness. According to a recent study, approximately 55 percent of dogs in America are overweight or obese, which can lead to potentially fatal problems for your dog. Therefore, it is important that your dog stay active to live a long and healthy life. At dog daycare, your dog will get the exercise needed to stay healthy.
    • Social engagement: Dogs are social creatures that get lonely and depressed when alone for too long. While your dog may not enjoy playing with other dogs, they will benefit from being around humans and dogs during the workday. Socialization is especially important for young dogs because it teaches them to be less reactive.
    • Learning positive behavior: When dogs don’t have experience interacting with dogs or people outside of their humans, they tend to have difficulty reading social cues, like a human would when they don’t have experience socializing. As a result, an unsocialized dog may react poorly to a dog walking by or fail to read a dog’s cues that they do not want to be bothered leading to a dog fight. Therefore, socializing your dog can teach them positive behaviors.
    • Reduce separation anxiety: Dog daycare can help reduce your dog’s separation anxiety because it provides a routine that they can count on while also distracting them with exercise and socialization. Dogs with separation anxiety fear being alone because they feel like they’ll be alone forever. Taking a dog with separation anxiety to dog daycare can be beneficial because they won’t be alone. In addition, they have something to look forward to when you’re at work – friendship.
    • No more destroyed couches or shoes: If your dog tends to destroy things when left alone for too long, enrolling them in dog daycare may solve your problem. Putting them in dog daycare reduces the amount of time alone, so they won’t have the chance to chew on your things, and they’ll be too tired to destroy things once they get home.
    • You get a break: Having a dog can be exhausting, especially after a long day of work, because they depend on you for survival. You likely get home and just want to sit down and relax, but your dog, who’s been home alone, wants to go for a walk, play, and get as much attention as possible. Sending your dog to daycare gives you a break because they’ll be tired when they get home, just like you.

    What Type of Dogs Benefit the Most From Dog Daycare?

    While dog daycare is beneficial, it may not be the right choice for every dog. Below are some types of dogs that will love dog daycare but remember there are always exceptions based on the dog’s personality, so in the end, it’s all about knowing your dog.

    • Puppies: If puppies do not get positive exposure to other dogs and people, they can become reactive and fearful of everything that is not their human. Leaving a puppy alone for too long can result in anxiety, depression, or destructive behaviors. Dog daycare allows puppies to interact with well-behaved adult dogs who can teach them the social cues necessary to become well-adjusted adult dogs.
    • High-energy breeds: Dogs who are hyper all the time need more exercise and stimulus than typical dogs. A short walk after work isn’t enough to tire these dogs out, and not giving them the time and space to burn some energy can lead to depression. Dog daycare gives dogs the much-needed opportunity to play off some of that energy.
    • Working dog breeds: Dogs bred to perform specific tasks can become depressed and feel unfulfilled when left alone for too long. That feeling of unfulfillment can lead to behavioral issues. Dog daycare is a great way to relieve some of their pent-up energy and need to do something.

    What Questions Should I Ask Before Enrolling My Dog in Dog Daycare?

    When considering where to enroll your dog in daycare, ensuring the facility is a good fit is essential. To make this determination, you’ll want to ask a lot of questions, such as:

    • What is the staff-to-dog ratio?
    • What are vaccine requirements?
    • What training does the staff receive?
    • What is the approach to discipline?
    • How many dogs are in a group?
    • How do you decide which dogs go in which group?
    • When will I receive feedback or updates on my dog?

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