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dog being trainedIf your dog in Round Rock is showing some behaviors you’d like to change, we can help. Our team has been training dogs in basic obedience for more than 14 years. With a little guidance and reinforcement, you and your pup can both enjoy a more relaxed and enjoyable life together.

Nearly 40 percent of households in America include dogs as family members. Dogs thrive on boundaries, and they are looking to you to set these for them. Call the Round Rock pet care specialists of Walk! ATX today at (512) 655-9557 to chat with us about your dog. We’ll plan a custom training program that will get you on the right track.

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    Our Dog Training Services

    Our basic obedience program focuses on five basic dog training commands. These cover the essential communication instructions between you and your pup. Our emphasis is on sustained obedience. This means that we want your dog to obey the commands you give repeatedly and reliably. These include:

    •     Sit
    •     Stay
    •     Down
    •     Heal (leash etiquette)
    •     Come (off-leash etiquette)

    The Walk! ATX dog training programs for basic obedience and behavioral training are customized. Typically, the program will run for about one month. This takes the form of two to three training visits per week, plus take-home lessons. These will help you and your pup reinforce what we covered during the training visits.

    Once the training program is complete, we’ll provide you with a long-term obedience plan. This will help your dog stay sharp. We want to make sure their newly learned skills stick with them from this point forward.

    Since each training program is customized, the pricing varies in each case. Basic obedience pricing starts at $75 per session. Behavioral modification pricing starts at $95 per session.

    How Can I Tell If My Dog Needs Obedience Training?

    Just like humans, dogs need some education to learn how to be functioning members of their pack. When you see a dog who obeys its human well, chances are that they’ve had some formal training. Most dogs will benefit from a training program to learn how to behave and obey commands.

    In addition, there are some signs that can indicate your pup could use obedience training through a round of doggy school. These include:

    •   Your dog chews everything — Once they’re no longer puppies, dogs are done teething. This means that they should generally not be chewing on objects besides chew toys. You should be able to trust that the objects in your home will stay free of tooth marks.
    •   Your dog barks at everything — It’s certainly alright for dogs to bark. This is one way they communicate. You may have noticed that your dog is especially fond of barking at squirrels or mail carriers. That said, it’s another matter if your dog barks at the slightest sound. It could also be that they bark without any noticeable reason. We can help them be more judicious with their barking choices.
    •   Your dog jumps on people — Dogs are enthusiastic animals, and that’s OK. It’s one of the qualities we love most about them. However, jumping up on people is a behavior that we want to redirect. Jumping on a person can be embarrassing or inconvenient when it’s a small dog. In the case of larger dogs, jumping could even knock a person to the ground and potentially cause injury.
    •   Your dog frequently ignores your commands — This is one of the most important behavior signs to notice. Your dog needs to respond to your commands with obedience. When that doesn’t happen, their safety could be at risk. This can be as simple as your dog not obeying a “come” command, which could put them in a dangerous situation.
    •   Your dog pulls hard when they’re on a leash — This type of behavior can be common in an untrained dog. Walking your dog should be a pleasant experience where you don’t feel like you’re fighting each other. You can choose to keep walking your dog this way, but you do have another option. Together, we can train your dog to walk beside you while the leash is slack. It’s relatively simple to achieve. We bet you’ll never go back.

    Our Team

    To us, this is more than a job. We have carefully built our team of pet care professionals that functions like a close-knit dog pack. It’s important to us that each person who joins our team shares our love for dogs. They must also have demonstrated experience that shows they will take the utmost care with each furry client. Each team member is background-checked to keep you and your pet safe.

    Once a person is a part of our pack, we love them as our own. Each member of our team is an employee, not an independent contractor. We take care of them so that they can take care of you and your pup. Most of our team has a dog at home, and we all love spending time with new little friends.

    What Sets Walk! ATX Apart?

    dog shaking handsWe are a full-service pet care company that’s here to serve you and your pets. Our founder Britton Danton has felt a natural connection with animals all his life. We have been serving Round Rock and the Greater Austin area since 2008.

    Our business and reputation are built on giving the highest quality pet care and treating each furry friend with love and respect. Our team of more than 20 pet care professionals shares the same enthusiasm for pets. Don’t take our word for it — our previous clients gladly talk about their experiences working with us. Walk! ATX is also fully insured and bonded.

    In addition to dog training, we also offer:

    •     Dog walking
    •     Dog bathing
    •     Dog daycare services
    •     Pet taxi
    •     Pet sitting and boarding
    •     Nutrition advice
    •     Care for elderly dogs
    •     Care for most other small animals, including cats, chickens, and reptiles

    We are here to serve you 24/7. You can call us any time you have an emergency, day or night. We invite you to check out our blog, which covers a variety of topics related to pet care.

    Call Walk! ATX Today

    No matter what your dog needs, we are here to handle it for you in Round Rock. We give each of our four-legged clients the same care and attention that we give our own pets.

    We’re looking forward to meeting you and your dog. Call us today at (512) 655-9557 to speak with a member of the Walk! ATX team. You can also submit our intake form online, and we’ll be in touch soon.